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Hiring a magical coach or scheduling a consultation to teach you how to help yourself can provide a guiding light on your spiritual path

Magical Coaching and Spiritual Advice are among the valuable ancillary services offered by some diviners and root doctors. These consultation services are usually engaged on an hourly basis, but some psychic readers and root workers also teach group classes or workshops, or write metaphysical books which you can buy to begin your own course of self study.


Magical Coaching

If you engage a conjure doctor as a spell consultant or magical coach, you will receive one-on-one training in each spell you wish to learn. You can undertake this by telephone or in person, as is most convenient. You will be expected to have a paper and pen or a laptop computer or notepad at the ready, to take down any lists of ingredients to purchase, altar prayers or Psalms to recite, or directions in which to move.

Your magical coach will work with you until you understand the spell and have it just right in your mind, and will answer any questions you may have about its symbolism, efficacy, or cultural background.

Spiritual Counseling sheds new light on old issues
A spiritual practitioner can guide you in the use of prayers and Psalms
A check-reading by a psychic advisor can shed light on your own practice of conjure and help you see what you are doing right -- and wrong -- in your own hoodoo spell-casting
Your consulting root doctor can offer suggestions and prescriptions for magical herbs and roots that you will be able you use in your own conjure spell-craft
Your psychic reader or root doctor cannot give you legal, medical, or financial advice
The hoodoo psychic reader or rootworker you consult may also be a gardener, a mother, or a home-owner, or may have received practical or professional training in a field related to your own personal interests; such a reader can give you good common sense advice about many facets of life ... but only if you ask
Should you burn a pillar candle, an oil lamp. a vigil light, or a 6" candle for love? -- a magical coach will help you choose spiritual supplies and tell you how to use them
Magical coaching can include teaching you how to set up a hoodoo prayer and candle altar along traditional lines
If you have sought spell-casting advice from too many sources, a magical coach can divine the best road forward
Like a watchful mother hen, a magical coach can provide spiritual protection and guidance as you learn to perform conjure work for yourself
Many members of AIRR have written books for you to read in your study of magic
A rootworker in the process of conducting an online training class
The LMC Radio Network is a proud sponsor of the Association of the Independent Readers and Rootworkers
There are several webcasters among the Association of the Independent Readers and Rootworkers
Your consulting root doctor can offer suggestions and prescriptions for magical herbs and roots that you will be able you use in your own conjure spell-craft
The Crystal Silence League is a world-wide non-denominational prayer chain

Magical Coaching is Economical

If you are gifted for the work of hoodoo, but inexperienced in certain forms of spell-craft and altar work, you can save a great deal of money if, instead of hiring a root doctor to cast the spells for you, you employ the root doctor as a spiritual coach and advisor.

Magical coaching is particularly useful if you are about to embark on a personal ritual such as spiritual bathing, going to the crossroads, or working with the dead or with your ancestors: your spiritual advisor and coach can relate his or her first-hand experiences to you, tell you what tools and spiritual supplies you will need, and essentially walk you through the rite in advance.

Magical Coaching to Learn New Tricks

If you come from a family background of rootwork and spiritual practice or have studied for a while and generally know how to help yourself in matters of spiritual cleansing, love spells, money drawing spells, or protection work, but you need practical tips or pointers toward making your hoodoo work stronger and more immediately effective, a root doctor who offers coaching and counselling in magic can help. Acting as a personal trainer in magic, the rootworker can teach you how to construct a working candle altar, share new spells, remind you of the proper Psalms and prayers most often prescribed in your situation, and generally walk you through the work the same way that a family member or old friend would do.

One common reason that clients seek out a magical coach is that there are very few reputable root doctors who will take on spells of cursing or enemy work, no matter what the price. Not only is the financial cost of such work a consideration to the client, but even among those sorcerers who know these kinds of tricks and do perform aggressive spells on behalf of clients, most will not take on a job that they do not consider to be justified. If you have had difficulty locating a conjure doctor who will perform cursing, revenge, hot foot, goofering, or killing spells for you, you may find it practical to hire the services of an experienced magical coach who will not perform death spells on your behalf, but will teach you how to do the work for yourself.

Magical Coaching While You Study

If you have never practiced hoodoo, but want to give it a try, the spiritual coach whom you employ will discuss your work and its effectiveness with you, guide you toward the resources you need to improve your mastery of the art of spell casting, recommend courses you can take and books you can read to gain further command of hoodoo and cpnjure techniques, and offer constructive support for you as you make progress toward the goal of becoming a full-fledged rootworker yourself.

Studying traditional rootwork under the direction of a helpful magical coach will get you where you are going faster and more easily than reading random magical spells on the internet and trying them out on your own altar. What's more, you can be assured that if you work with a magical coach, your work will come from a truly authentic and time-honoured base of practice, and will be transmitted to you by a long-time practitioner with roots in the traditional conjure community.

You Can Ask Questions About Magic

What is the difference between hoodoo and Voodoo?

If I do evil spells, will they "bounce back" on me?

How can I cast simple magic spells to help myself and my family?

Is conjure work guaranteed to help me win the lottery?

What are the most powerful forms of spell-casting?

Ask your magical coach and learn the truth in simple, easy-to-understand language.

Spiritual Advice and Consultation

Psychic readers who are also hoodoo root doctors can give you an evaluation of your situation and condition and provide advice, suggestions, and recommendations on how to deal with your situation through varied means, including prayer, spiritual development, and learning to cast your own spells. This sort of consultation differs from a reading in that your rootwork advisor may not overtly tell your fortune or prophesy your future, but instead will give you wise spiritual counsel and advice, guided by his or her divinatory gifts.

Spiritual Advice for Seekers

If you are a spiritual seeker embarking upon a journey of knowledge and understanding of the world of magical, psychic, and occult phenomena, your spiritual advisor can save you many steps, and perhaps many years, along your path. Every rootworker in AIRR has undertaken training and has professional experience as well, and many of us are willing to help newcomers to the subject through consultations that focus on education in the mystic arts.

Spiritual Advice for Development of Gifts

During a spiritual consultation, you can explain symptoms and signs in the recent past, and the conjure doctor will offer advice about spell-casting, altar work and prayers, or candle magic, and may offer prescriptions for talismans, mojo bags, herbal preparations, conjure oils or spiritual baths. Some root doctors will also provide spiritual advice to help a client or novice practitioner develop an innate gift for dreaming true or for spirit mediumship and contact with the dead

Spiritual Advice and Prayer

Prayer is always free at The Crystal Silence League, a sister-committee to AIRR which is organized under the direction of the Association of Independent Spiritual Churches. This is a direct link to the CSL Prayer Requests page.

You Can Ask About Your Own Spiritual Path

Am I cut out to be a hoodoo practitioner?

Can Christians practice magic or is it forbidden?

How can I learn to contact the dead?

Am I perhaps gifted to perform divinations for clients?

What is a good book to read to learn tarot?

Ask your spiritual advisor to read upon such questions. You may be pleasantly surprised at the answers you receive.

Personal Consultations

A consultation prior to rootwork may take the form of a traditional hoodoo psychic reading using techniques such as tarot cards, numerology, bibliomancy, palmistry, pendulum divination, psychometry, mediumship, clairvoyant reading, or astrological analysis, or it may be focused on a straightforward discussion of your situation and what you hope to accomplish by means of spell casting or rootwork. In some cases, the consultation prior to hiring a rootworker takes the form of a good, long conversation, in which the client and the worker get to know one another and the worker is brought up to speed on what the client requires.

Consultations Prior to Hiring Rootwork or Spell Casting

Some root doctors and conjure workers require a consultation before you can hire them for the performance of altar work and prayers, spiritual cleansing, spell casting, work with spirits, or candle spells on your behalf. Some conjure doctors also require a consultation prior to preparing mojo bags; talismans and amulets; bottle, jar, or box spells; custom made doll babies; or baths, powders, or oils for their clients.

Some conjure workers offer free consultations prior to performing rootwork; other root doctors may require you to pay a deposit toward the conjure work, with the explicit agreement that if the consultation leads the rootworker to conclude that you cannot be helped or that he or she is not the right person to take your case, your deposit will be refunded either in full or minus a set fee for the time that was taken to conduct the consultation.

Consultations which are conducted by hoodoo psychic readers prior to spell-casting or rootwork are often explicitly described as being conditional upon your agreement to hire the root doctor to perform a spiritual job on your behalf if he or she agrees to take the case.

Check Readings: Consultations While You Do the Work

Some clients become confused when they seek out a psychic reader and are given information that disappoints, frightens, or fails to reassure them. Getting a second, third, or even fourth opinion only muddles the situation further, and indecision may set in, resulting in no spiritual remediation or rootwork being undertaken at all.

Many hoodoopsychic readers are happy to conduct brief "check-readings" for clients who are performing their own spell-casting, either in conjunction with magical coaching for the client or as stand-alone clairvoyant readings. Check readings can also be done to see if a worker whom the client has hired is providing effective service.

In a check-reading, you will briefly describe your situation, tell about the other physic readers you have seen, describe the conjure work and altar prayers or conjure work and hoodoo spell-casting that they and you are doing to influence events or remediate the situation, and state the outcome you hope to achieve. The hoodoo reader will then perform a quick divination on your chances for success and tell you what, if anything, can be done to improve those chances by making changes in the way you are casting your spells, praying, or working at your altar.

Practical (Non-Magical) Advice

In addition to being a root doctor, your hoodoo psychic reader and spiritual advisor is also a wise and friendly fount of mundane and practical information, and will not hesitate to advise you to find and work with accredited professionals in those fields. It is quite common, in fact, for a psychic reading to reveal to the fortune teller that he or she must recommend that the client back up all spiritual and magical work by seeking out medical diagnosis and treatment, social services, legal counsel, or professional financial advice.

Some clients don't want to receive mundane or practical advice, but as ethical psychic readers and spiritual workers, we call it like we see it: If we think you need to consult with a lawyer, a doctor, a social worker, a financial planner, or a rehabilitation counselor, we will tell you so.

We will never try to persuade you to substitute spell-casting for the mundane or practical work our psychic reading tell us you should do. In fact, if a reading hoodoo style psychic reading reveals lapses in any mundane area of your life, our Code of Ethics may well lead us to insist that before we undertake any form of conjure work or spell-casting on your case, you will be required to do your part in the material world by consulting a doctor, hiring an attorney, or seeking financial or social services help as necessary.

Tapping Into Our Other Talents and Skills

Among the many hoodoo psychic readers and conjure doctors associated with AIRR, you will find spiritual helpers who also have professional credentials or long-time career experience in fields as diverse as the law, medicine, pharmacy, accounting, cuisine, grant-writing, printing and publishing, web design, farming and gardening, animal husbandry, videography, dietetics, film-making, business entrepreneurship, life coaching, financial planning, military service, stage performance, church ministry, vocational rehabilitation, real estate, music, literature, and the arts.

If an AIRR member lists such professional experience or credentials on his or her page, you can be assured that if you book a psychic reading or card reading, or seek out magical coaching in matters connected with the stated profession, you will be speaking to a person who can provide practical as well as psychic insights into your situation, and will offer mundane as well as magical suggestions for how to achieve your goals.

Life Coaching

Life coaching is a form of client-worker relationship in which a personal bond is formed, often over the length of years, not only for the remediation of specific conditions, but for the betterment of the client's overall physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Public Instruction and Guidance

Some of the readers and rootworkers of AIRR offer personal and/or public training in hoodoo. Check each AIRR Member's personal bio page to see if public outreach is offered by the Member, and if it is, check the Member's booking page or individual web site to learn more.


For more information and individual listings, see The Metaphysical Authors of AIRR

Quite a few of the members of AIRR have written books on folk magic, spell-casting, divination, and spirituality which you can study at your own pace at home. While we do not offer books for sale though this site, we do maintain a list of Metaphysical Authors in AIRR and you may acquire the books from the readers themselves, from their publishers, or via an metaphysical book store.

Classes, Courses, Apprenticeships, and Workshops

For more information and individual listings, see The Teachers of AIRR

Venues though which AIRR members educate and train others include our international online Hoodoo Heritage Festival and our easily accessible Online Hoodoo Training Workshops, both of which are offered under the auspices of Association of Independent Spiritual Churches (AISC), the organization which sponsors AIRR. Additionally, our individual members may also offer group or individual teaching via training classes, private and public internet email lists and groups, webinars, newsletters, blogs, formal curriculum-based courses, in-person apprenticeships, and appearances at local metaphysical shops and festivals.

Radio Shows and Podcasts

For more information and individual listings, see The Radio Podcasters of AIRR

Public instruction in folk magic and divination on situations is available for free from some of our our members via live or archived radio shows and podcasts. While we do not offer links to individual podcasts though this site, we do maintain a list of AIRR members who host shows or have appeared as guests on the LMC Radio Network

Video Broadcasts and Webinars

For more information and individual listings, see The Video Webcasters of AIRR

Some of our members provide public instruction, magical teaching, divination spell-casting tips, or psychic readings via free or paid public webcasts, video uploads, and private webinars. We maintain a list of video webcasters of AIRR, and you may contact them for details.

Occult Shopkeepers and Spiritual Suppliers

For more information and individual listings, see The Spiritual Suppliers of AIRR

A number of the members of AIRR provide Oils, Incense, Sachet Powders, Baths, Teas, and other spiritual and magical supplies to the public, without requiring a reading or asking that you make a contract for rootwork services. If you are a home practitioner, these spiritual supply companies may be the perfect way for you to work on spell-casting for yourself, knowing that you have purchased finely made and authentic goods, crafted by the best conjure doctors in America.

The Crystal Silence League

For more information and individual listings, see The Spiritual Suppliers of AIRR

The Crystal Silence League is an international prayer chain or network founded in 1919 to distribute affirmative prayer and helpful thoughts to all in need. Under the sponsorship of the churches within the Missionary Independent Spiritual Church movement, members of the CSL continue this work in the spirit of joyful anticipation that YOU will be graced with all you require and desire in the way of spiritual blessings.

Public Forum

The Association of Independent Spiritual Churches, Association of Independent readers and Rootworkers, Crystal Silence League, and the Hoodoo Heritage Festival have benefitted from sponsorship by the Lucky Mojo Curio Co., which also provides the public, and all AIRR members with a very large interactive public forum on the topic of African American folk magic. At this forum, the moderators, many of whom are members of AIRR, answer basic questions about conjure, hoodoo, and rootwork. The LMCCo. Forum is the place to sign up to get free readings from AIRR members on the company's weekly radio podcast. There is also a section of the Forum set aside in which you can ask questions or leave testimonials about each of the psychic readers and professional spell-casters of AIRR.


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The Association of Independent Readers & Rootworkers (AIRR) is here to help you find gifted, sincere, and honest spiritual guidance, successful counseling, and professional magical spell casting and ritual conjuration. Every independent member of AIRR has been certified for psychic ability, magical skill, and ethical reliability. Every AIRR psychic, reader, seer, diviner, scryer, root doctor, and spiritual practitioner has completed a year-long program of training in conjure, hoodoo, witchcraft, rootwork, making mojo hands, and casting powerful magick spells. All of our psychics have served the public professionally for a minimum of two years -- and in many cases, significantly longer. Certified AIRR Readers & Rootworkers who will perform this type of work to help you find love, money, protection, and luck are listed below.
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