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The gift of "Second Sight"
Psychic Reading, also known as Clairvoyant Reading or Second Sight, is the most common form of fortune telling or divination encountered on the Internet, although it is less often seen in person than such hands-on methods as Card Reading and Palmistry.

Gifts used by psychic readers and seers may include clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing), clairsentience (clear knowing), and empathic perceptions. Some psychic readers or fortune tellers also contact spirits and the dead through various techniques of Mediumship.

Hoodoo psychic readers may augment their clairvoyant psychic readings with traditional divination or fortune telling tools like Tarot Cards, Pendulums, Tea Leaves, Astrology, Numerology, a Crystal Ball, or Bibliomancy.

Some hoodoo psychics offer free psychic readings or spiritual consultations and rootwork advice prior to performing altar work and prayers or conjure work and spell-casting on behalf of clients; others request payment for the prophetic reading as a job of work that is separate from altar work, casting hoodoo spells and conjure doctoring.


Clairvoyant Reading

A psychic reader's neon store-front sign
Clairvoyant psychic readers often use no tools other than the gift of seeing information about the past, present, or future
Clairaudient psychic readers may receive impressions of the past, present, and future as voices heard through paranormal means
Clairsentient readers may feel or sense answers to questions posed to them
Claircognizant psychic readers may immediately know and apprehend the key to solving a client's problem
Empathic psychic readers often experience what others feel and can assist with support and healing during difficult times
Intuitive readers may see colours or numbers which they can interpret as speech or ideas

Clairvoyance (clear seeing or second sight) is a spiritual gift wherein visual impressions are spiritually or mentally perceived. These visual impressions may be of people, events, or locations not in the physical view of the reader or seer. The things seen by a clairvoyant psychic reader or fortuneteller are generally at a distance in time and/or space. The method by which clairvoyant psychic readers and seers receive visions varies; some simply close their eyes and see the images with inner sight, others use a tool such as a crystal ball to focus their inner visions.

When a psychic reader or diviner can accurately describe the appearance of a person, an item, or a place without having actually physically viewed that person or thing, she or he is demonstrating clairvoyance. Clairvoyant perception of a location at a distance, or the people who inhabit that place, is sometimes referred to as remote viewing.

As a client, you may seek out a clairvoyant seer or reader when you wish to learn about the health, safety, or emotional state of mind of someone with whom you are not in direct contact, or who you believe may be concealing the truth from them.

Clairvoyance is one of the distinct spiritual gifts that is developed by hoodoo psychic readers and diviners who practice within the Spiritualist tradition.

Clairaudient Reading

Clairaudience (clear hearing) is a spiritual gift involving hearing. Clairaudient psychic readers or auditors hear words, sounds, and messages which are not normally audible to others. Because speech and messages are involved, clairaudience is sometimes equated with mediumship, but there is a difference, and clairaudient diviners distinguish between the two gifts: Hearing messages from living people or animals not the same as hearing messages from ancestors, the dead, spirit guides, or other spirits.

Pet psychics -- that is, psychic readers or fortune tellers who communicate with pets or other animals -- are quite often clairaudient. They can hear the pet speaking to them with their sense of inner or visionary hearing.

Psychic readers and diviners who name names are often clairaudient, but they may also be clairsentient, as the line between these two gifts is sometimes indistinct.

Not all hoodoo psychics possess the gift of clairaudience, but it is one of the many spiritual gifts valued by and developed among conjure readers who work within the Spiritualist tradition.

Clairsentient Reading

Clairsentience (clear feeling or sensing) is a spiritual gift wherein the psychic reader or fortuneteller is able to sense or feel information. A hoodoo psychic reader gifted with clairsentience simply knows the answer to your question, or has information about a person of interest to you or your situation, although there may be no logical way he or she could have known.

Clairsentience differs from clairaudience (clear hearing) and from clairvoyance (clear seeing) because the primary sensation is one of feeling -- either in an emotional way, such as joy or sorrow, or as literal sensations or feelings of heat, cold, chills, or other sensations.

Hoodoo psychics often possess the gift of clairsentience, and it is one of the particular spiritual gifts developed by readers who practice within the Spiritualist tradition. In some Christian traditions, clairsentience is more popularly known as the gift of prophecy.

Claircognizant Reading

Claircognizance (clear knowing) is the spiritual gift of knowledge, which may take the form of an insight that is gained without specific reliance on a particular sense. A hoodoo psychic reader gifted with clairsentience simply knows the answer to your question, or has information about a person of interest to you or your situation, although there may be no logical way he or she could have known.

Claircognizance differs from clairaudience (clear hearing), clairvoyance (clear seeing), and clairesentience (clear feeling) in that the information is suddenly simply known "from Spirit," rather than psychically felt, seen, or heard.

Claircognizance is perhaps the least common of "the four clairs" of psychic reading, but it too is a spiritual gift that can be developed enhanced by hoodoo psychic readers and diviners who practice within the Spiritualist tradition.

Empathic Reading

Empathic readers feel the reality of other people strongly; they identify with and can feel, to varying degrees, the emotions and physical states of the people with whom they come into contact. Cognitive empathy is the gift to be able to know what another person is thinking. Emotional empathy is the gift of sharing feelings with another. Compassionate empathy is the gift to wish to help or assist another.

An fully empathic psychic reader or seer may be able to feel within his or her own body the pain, sickness, or discomfort that another person is feeling and be moved to assist the person to a more positive state of being. Empathic readers and diviners may also be able to feel the mental or physical condition of a missing friend or family member, or to speak on behalf of a pet or other animal which cannot voice its own feelings.

Empathic healing is a spiritual gift which some traditional healers use, in combination with other traditional healing methods, to remove from the ailing person that which is troubling him or her. It is, however, a gift which demands routine spiritual protection and cleansing more than some other gifts, lest the empathic reader or healer absorb so much of the client's suffering that he or she succumbs to the client's negative conditions.

Intuitive Reading

Intuitive readers and diviners practice a technique or style of prophecy in which they seldom if ever consult tools such as cards, pendulums, bones, or spirit boards. Instead, these readers are led by intuition and spiritual insight to read on the past, present, and future of a client's situation and to prescribe spiritual remedies.

Such readers may see colours, numbers, or images surrounding the client, or within themselves, which they can interpret and convey as information to clients who seek to know about about their distant friends, loved ones, or colleagues. They may also combine facets of clairvoyance, clairaudiience, clairsentience, claircognizance, and empathic psychic abilities in a free-form flow of information,


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