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You might have already heard my name. I’m a blues singer and guitarist from western North Carolina and I’ve toured extensively in the US, Canada, and Europe. I’m also a reader and root worker, and I love offering my spiritual services to the community.

My formal journey as root worker began in 2006, when I was researching blues songs from the 1920s and 1930s. I kept hearing phrases like "mojo bag" and "black cat bone" and "nation sack" and I couldn't let it go without investigating. There was something in those words that made me feel like I was experiencing deja vu, and yet, I had no idea what the meaning behind them was. One day, I stumbled across the Lucky Mojo website and catherine yronwode’s writings on blues lyrics. I immediately signed up for her correspondence course and started working my way through the material.

That correspondence course changed everything for me. From my very first spiritual bath, taken outdoors in a five gallon bucket as the sun was coming up, to the very first doll baby I hurled into a raging river during a lightning storm, I’ve felt my hands take the reigns of my life and steer me down the road on an ever changing adventure. While my life is far from perfect, I feel a sense of balance and contentment between the things I have control over and the things that are better left to Divine wisdom.

Doll baby for fertility and baby making
Blessed and Dressed Love Candles
Lady Luck Gambling Hand
Tea Leaf Reading Class
New beginnings mini spell with Van Van oil and come to me tea lights
Prosperity cookies - a spicy blend of ginger, cinnamon, allspice, and molasses

After completing a three week apprenticeship with catherine yronwode in Forestville, California, in 2018, I decided it was time to start taking on clients of my own. I’ve helped people with love spells, prosperity work, court cases, and developing their spiritual gifts. I’ve also been a champion of justice, only shying away from revenge work or curses when my intuition leads me to believe there's a better course of action.

I specialize in tarot readings, spiritual cleansing, prosperity work, and making custom mojos and doll babies. My goal is to empower my clients to trust in themselves and take control of their own lives. Sometimes this means taking a look at the mundane side of a situation in addition to tackling the magical realm.

I honed my skills in southern Appalachia, which is where I wildcraft many of the herbs and roots I use in my spell work. During my time on the road, I've had the opportunity to visit a wide variety of candle shops, botanicas, metaphysical stores, and psychic readers — from a tea house in Scotland to the Divine Harmony Spiritual Church in Knoxville, Tennessee - I’m always learning from my elders and looking for ways to keep our tradition alive. When I’m not on tour you can find me in the mountains of western North Carolina, where I teach yoga and therapeutic massage.

You may read more about me at my Heidi Holton website.

Contact Information

Heidi Holton
Nashville, Tennessee
(615) 455-1545

Hours: I do not keep set hours but am usually available Sunday and Monday evenings.

When not on tour or traveling you can find me in Nashville, Tennessee where I offer in person tarot and tea leaf readings at Aroma G's Botanica on Monday evenings.

Please note that I am located in the Central Time Zone in Tennessee. I appreciate your taking any time differences into consideration when you call.

In the evenings after 6:00 pm I am often available for instant readings through Hoodoo Psychics.

How to Pay for and Schedule an Appointment with Me

You may book my services as a reader online using Paypal as a payment method:

Book a psychic reading, spiritual counselling, conjure consultation, or hoodoo rootwork services with Heidi Holton

Booking my service as a spell-caster and rootworker requires a prior consultation and reading.


Readings and Spiritual Consultations:

  • 15 minute pre-scheduled reading: $30.00
  • 30 Minute pre-scheduled reading: $50.00
  • 60 minute pre-scheduled reading: $100.00

Rootwork and Conjure:

  • Setting Lights: $25.00
  • Mojo Bags: $30.00 - $75.00
  • Doll Babies mailed to you: $50.00
  • Doll Babies worked by me: $150.00 - $300.00
  • Bottle Spells mailed to you: $50.00
  • Bottle Spells plus 1 month altar work: $150.00
  • Honey Jars mailed to you: $50.00
  • Honey Jars plus 1 month altar work: $150.00
  • Hands-On Cleansings: $100.00
  • Other Forms of Spell Casting: $25.00 - $500.00

For other talismans and kits, please contact Heidi Holton via phone or email.

Divination, Readings, and Spiritual Advice

Hoodoo, Conjure, Rootwork, and Spell-Casting

Client Condition and Situation Specialties

Religious and Cultural Traditions

Outreach and Public Service



I have trusted Heidi to do my readings for many years. She has guided me through tough times, exciting times, and bland times to make the most of each situation. Her intuition is spot on and she’s not afraid to tell the hard stuff. I also love her spells! The money spell is my favorite. I am lucky to be a regular client of hers. - Jessica T.

If you are in need of spiritual help or a reading or maybe a spell or some spiritual advice, feel free to reach out to Heidi. Her magic and her insights with tarot readings were right on point for me. She is very personable and talented. Also, if you need to connect to spirit, she has helped me with this as well. I loved the spell kits she has put together for me. Just talking to her made me feel super comfortable. Talk to her and try a Tarot reading, you won’t be disappointed. - Chelsea W.

Heidi is very professional. She made me feel comfortable and my mind was blown away by her ability to be so accurate. The reading motivated me to work harder for my dream. If you come across a mountain, let Heidi help you identify what that mountain is and give you the knowledge to move it. - Steven S.

Before Heidi’s reading, I was a bit skeptical about how accurate a Tarot reading could be. As soon as she read my cards, I was in tears. Everything she mentioned was spot on. I was definitely impressed. Afterwards, I felt like I had more clarity in which direction to move in regards to my love life. She also had such a sweet and gentle presence that made me feel at ease. - Jackie C.

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