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Green candles are traditionally used in money drawing and prosperity spells

Clients seek out hoodoo rootworkers to cast money spells for a number of different reasons, so under the general category of money-drawing spells, spiritual rootworkers group together many types of magical spells undertaken on behalf of clients who are seeking financial advantages.

Money spells are employed in situations where increase is sought through venues such as business, sales, and career success; income from an inheritance; job-getting and job promotion; casino, lottery, and gambling luck; the repayment of loans that are owed; and court case or legal settlements that involve financial recompense, insurance pay-outs, and disability compensation.

All of our psychic readers, palm readers, and tarot card readers know how to interpret signs of money-luck and curses or blockages on a client's wealth or prosperity, and every root doctor who performs candles spell magic, altar work with prayers, makes mojo bags for money-drawing, or crafts honey jars for job getting and business success knows more than a few strong conjure spells to draw money and bring about the financial improvement, prosperity, gambling luck, and economic security that clients desire.


Tools and Techniques for Money Drawing

A money altar for business success, personal wealth, and good luck in gambling
Making a money mojo
Business prosperity and money drawing altar
Money Drawing oil lamp spell in progress on an altar
A money-stay-with-me altar prepared for continuing wealth and abundance
A prosperity and money-drawing altar
A wealth-drawing spell on a root worker's altar
Many rootworkers will cast spells to aid those in need of gambling luck
A lucky money altar, where Hotei the Laughing Buddha and trunk-up elephants preside, and lights are set for clients who play at the casinos

Prosperity and money spells are some of the most commonly asked for kinds of spell work, and as a consequence, root doctors and conjure practitioners have developed many techniques for the production of wealth and prosperity over the years.

Money spells of all types rely on the use of candles, roots and herbs, oils, and curios that are said to be efficacious in drawing, keeping, and sustaining a financial security and/or money-luck. Some of the curios used in money, business, and gambling work include single lodestones (used to draw money), honey jars or sugar jars (used for sweetening a boss or bank officer to a client who is asking for a raise or a loan), fixed money lamps, plain green candles and figural candles (money pyramids or green seven-knob candles) which can be dressed with money drawing and money-sustaining roots, herbs, oils, and sachet powders and used in financial and luck-drawing workings.

Among the specific kind of spells we find for prosperity and luck, there are spells to draw and keep gambling wins, spells to draw and keep a job, spells to bring in unexpected money, spells to make one's business appear more attractive and desirable to customers, spells for receiving financial settlements, and spells for discovering treasure.

Money Drawing Spells

Money and wealth spells of all types can be performed long distance, especially by the setting of vigil lights on an altar. The candles are dressed with herbs, minerals, and oils that are alleged to attract money, and are prayed over and blessed in the name of the client. Sweet jars for monetary favours can also be prepared with sugar or honey to create an effect over a distance.

Prescriptions for baths, waters, oils, washes, incense, blowing powders and sprinkling salts may be sent to the client for use at home while the spell-casting is ongoing on the practitioner's working altar. Money mojos and luck-drawing charms and talismans are also highly popular, for they can be carried on the body. Such spiritual supplies may come with instructions, but if further help is needed, the client may hire a rootworker to explain the intricacies of the work through the technique of magical coaching.


Rootworkers often assist people in finding new or better jobs. Candle spells are frequently used here, along with spiritual baths and magically dressed paperwork such as resumes and employment applications. Herbs and roots which emphasize respect, accomplishment, and luck may be carried by the job seeker; and preparations which incline those with the authority to favor the applicant may also be used. These types of spells work best when the seeker has a strong and good work ethic, and when he or she is simultaneously doing everything possible on a mundane level to move ahead.

Money Drawing Spells for a Business

Money work that is undertaken to enhance business success often takes the form of spiritually cleaning the place of work, followed by simple candle spells and lodestone money spells as needed, on a regular or ongoing basis. Your root doctor may prescribe a particular floor wash, for instance, which you are to use in place of a regular commercial cleaning solution, because it contains money-drawing herbs, roots, or essential oils. Likewise, you may be asked to light a candle once a week or to keep an oil lamp burning in the back of the shop. A lodestone may be prescribed for you to keep in your cash register, with instructions to feed it regularly with magnetic sand.

It is quite common for a client who is seeking business success in a storefront or home office situation to seek out a rootworker or spiritual practitioner who will come to the premises and help undertake the initial spiritual cleansing and money drawing work, including the set up of any necessary money altar space.

Money Stay with Me Spells

Spells to hold money in the home or business and decrease losses through over-spending, unexpected charges or damage to equipment, or heavy tax burdens are called money stay with me spells.

The typical money stay with me spell involves the rootworker setting a long-term financial goal for the client, and then working at the altar on the client's behalf during the entire term of the work. Such spells may be performed on a one-time basis or contracted for an ongoing period of several months by employment of a long-burning money lamp.

During the money stay with me spell-casting rite, the rootworker may bless coins and paper currency and send them to the client to carry; set vigil lights on the client's behalf; or prescribe herbs, roots, curios, oils, incense, crystal salts, or powders for the client. The conjure doctor may instruct the client to set these spiritual supplies around the premises, carry them in a mojo bag, employ them as bath or laundry additives, or keep them on an altar.

Gambling Luck Spells

Not all root doctors or spiritual hoodoo practitioners provide help with better luck in gambling, but those who do may first of all give you instructions or hands-on work to spiritually cleanse yourself and take off negative energy, crossed conditions, or jinxes that have been put on you by those who are jealous of your wins. The cleansing ritual may be conducted in person or long distance, by prescribing herbal preparations and giving you selected prayers to recite while you bathe.

Once you are spiritually clean, the rootworker may prescribe that you carry a specially fixed and dressed mojo hand or Jack ball or that you wear a consecrated and empowered talisman, amulet, or lucky gambling charm, such as a rabbit's foot, Mercury dime, raccoon penis bone, or Solomonic seal of Jupiter.

You may also be prescribed specially prepared baths or herbal waters or colognes for washing your hands before you go to play. And, finally, the root doctor may prepare a dressed candle for you to burn at your house while you are at the casino, or, if you cannot do that safely, may set a vigil light or add your name under a prepared money lamp on his or her altar.

If you play games of chance such as the lottery or the numbers, and your rootworker is also a psychic reader who practices numerology, you may ask for him or her to give you lucky numbers based on your dreams, your name, your birth date, or other such combinations and work-outs.

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