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A flaming skull and Separation vigil light to drive away an abusive husband; the black feather whisk is to cleanse the client from residual connections to her ex

One of the main reasons that clients who are familiar with hoodoo rootwork will pay money to hire a conjure doctor is to cast spells that they themselves are reluctant to learn or to perform, and among such spells, those that are hostile, aggressive, or angry are the most common.

Some spiritual workers refuse on principle to cast any spells of aggression, and some who do undertake work of this sort will only cast such spells to protect themselves and their family, but never for hire. Their refusal to undertake bad work or enemy jinxing spells for a client usually has nothing to do with how "strong" they are as magicians; most likely they are what is called "lady-hearted workers" -- that is, they are morally unwilling to hurt people or animals while casting spells.

Other conjure doctors will not undertake to cast spells of aggression or cursing for clients under any circumstances, but they will do such work for themselves or their family members, and they are fully willing to teach a wide variety of harmful spells to their clients by the process of spiritual consultation known as magical coaching.

Most ethical conjure doctors who do cast aggressive spells of crossing, jinxing, hot footing, or cursing for their clients only undertake such a job when they have determined through a prior reading or divination that the work is justified in God's eyes and that it is a morally sound proposition for them to take on the case. Root doctors of this sort are called "justified workers."

Because it is difficult for clients to find spiritual practitioners who will take on cases of aggressive magic, even when the work is justified, some workers will charge a higher fee for this type of spell casting than for other types of conjure work.


Tools and Techniques for Crossing, Jinxing, Hot Footing, Revenge, and Break Ups

A Hot Foot spell that employs a bottle filled with red peppers and vinegar, a Hot Foot Candle, and a ferocious black cat; a black obsidian scrying ball enables the rootworker to keep track of the spell's effects on the enemy
A Binding and Hot Foot Spell in progress. Some workers will set such spells to work on the back of a toilet
Break up, crossing, and cursing bottle spells to separate couples and bring destruction upon enemies
A figural candle break-up spell to drive an outside woman away from the client's husband while a love lamp in the background is strengthening his love for his wife
A black skull candle pierced with three nails to compel an interfering person to run away
A black candle burning on an enemy's name and picture
Crossing work as requested by a client

Hot Footing and Break Ups are commonly requested kinds of spell work. Less commonly requested are spells for Crossing, Jinxing, and getting Revenge on enemies. Well-trained professional root doctors and conjure practitioners should know many techniques for spells of this type, although not every practitioner will perform them for clients.

Crossing, Jinxing, Hot Footing, Revenge, and Break Up spells of all types rely on the use of candles, dolls, roots and herbs, oils, powders, and other curios that are traditionally thought to be effective in sending back evil to hit the one who sent it, sending unwanted people far away, causing relationships to fail, bringing bad luck to enemies, and even causing sickness and death to those who deserve it. Some of the curios used in hot footing, crossing, break-up, revenge, and cursing work include doll babies or poppets, red pepper and sulphur, vinegar jars (used for souring the connections between two named people), plain black candles and figural candles (human image candles or black seven-knob candles) which can be dressed with jinxing or crossing roots, herbs, oils, and sachet powders and used in harmful workings.

Among the specific spells we find for jinxing, hot footing, and revenge, there are spells to cause couples to argue and fight, spells to bring bad luck and trouble to people, spells to make people wander the earth and never find a home, spells to cause businesses to lose money and drive off customers, spells for bring about sickness, and spells for causing death.

Hot Footing Bad Neighbors or Enemies

Hot Foot spells are worked by spell-casters to move unsavory, unpleasant, or unwanted people away from their clients. Many hoodoo rootworkers merely move the unwanted person out of their client's current environment, while restricting them from returning. Traditionally, however, serious hot-foot jobs can be performed that have life-long deleterious effects on enemies, causing them to wander the earth from place to place and to find it difficult to settle down forever after.

Hot Foot work can be accomplished through the use of Hot Foot powders blown or sprinkled so that the enemy must walk in, over, or through them. When physical contact such as this cannot be established, some hoodoo workers will set lights and perform altar work for hot footing. Other conjure doctors may create a container spell by placing the personal concerns of the client's enemy in a jar, bottle, bowl, coconut, paper packet, or other container, and work on the enemy that way. The container might be ritually disposed of in running water, at a crossroads, on train tracks, or by mailing it to a distant location to move the enemy away from the client's vicinity.

Although not all root doctors will undertake to cast spells for clients who want to hot foot an enemy, some of those who do not perform such work are willing to engage clients through the technique of spiritual consultation known as magical coaching, and thus teach them how to perform hot foot spells for themselves.

Break-Up Spells

Break-Up work is a type of spell-craft in which the root doctor attempts to drive a wedge between two lovers who have no reason to be together, and, in some cases, to bring a straying spouse back home at the same time.

Break-ups may be worked as container spells, especially with sour vinegar jars which contain the couple's personal concerns and appropriate herbs and curios chosen to cause them to fight and raise a fuss, resulting in a breakup.

Another way to work break-ups is with candle magic. Vigil lights may be set for a break-up, but many professional root doctors employ moving candle spells for this purpose, because figural candles can be treated as doll-babies, loaded from below with herbs, roots, and personal concerns; dressed with herb-based oils; and "walked" through the scenario of a break-up as they burn.

If the break-up work is to be accompanied by an attempt to bring the straying spouse home, then the love aspect may be backed up with a red love light, either a vigil candle or a fixed and prepared oil lamp. In this way, the two spells are performed at the same time, the first to drive the intruder away from the client's spouse, and the second to bring the spouse home where he or she belongs.

Although many spiritual practitioners and conjure doctors refuse to cast spells for the break-up of a married couple, some who won't perform that kind of break-up are willing to help clients drive an intruder away from a legal marriage, especially if children are involved.

Break-up spells are emotionally harmful, so clients should expect that any spiritual worker who does break-ups will perform a reading for them before taking the case. This may take the form of card reading, psychic reading, pendulum divination, or scrying. Whatever technique is used for the reading, the root doctor must determine whether the case is justified, and if he or she should take on the case for the client.

Clients who cannot find a conjure worker to perform a break-up spell may choose to engage the services of a spiritual practitioner to help them by means of the technique of spiritual consultation known as magical coaching, whereby the practitioner will teach a traditional break-up spell to a client so that the client can do the work on his or her own.

Spells for Crossing, Jinxing, Cursing, or Revenge on an Enemy

Not every client, and not every rootworker, for that matter, is entirely comfortable with the concept of crossing, jinxing, or cursing, but in the folk magical traditions of all cultures knowledge of such work plays a deep and strong role in every sorcerer's repertoire. Even among Christian hoodoo and conjure practitioners, it is quite common to find spiritual conjurers who work by the Bible and employ imprecatory or cursing Psalms for revenge or to put an enemy under crossed conditions.

Since crossing, jinxing, and cursing are strong forms of work, and they may carry consequences, clients should expect any spiritual worker who does cast curses, cross up or jinx people, perform revenge spells, or make sour jar spells against enemies to do a reading for them first, before taking the case. The most common kinds of reading performed are card reading, psychic reading, pendulum divination, and scrying or visionary reading. Using one of these techniques, the reader can not only tell whether the case is justified, but if he or she should take the case and do the work.

If the practitioner does decide to put a client's enemy under crossed conditions or cast a revenge spell for a client, he or she may perform the curse through means of candle magic, imprecatory altar work and prayer, the creation of a contained spell such as a spell jar, vinegar jar, or sneaky potted plant spell, the prescription of jinxing powders to be thrown or blown where the enemy walks, or work with spirits who will undertake to enforce the curse.

Rootworkers who will not cast a spell for jinxing, cursing, or revenge may still be able to help a client in need, through the technique of spiritual consultation known as magical coaching, whereby the root doctor teaches the client how to perform the curse on his or her own behalf.


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