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Venerating the Spirits of Black Hawk and Bwete

Spirit work in the hoodoo and conjure tradition often involves enlisting the psychic aid of discarnate entities in order to accomplish specific prayerful, spiritual, or spell-casting goals.

Spirit Work is a concept that embraces many forms of contact with non-material entities and the gaining and transmission of otherwise hidden knowledge. The four major divisions of Spirit Work are religious, divinatory, magical, and mediumistic.

Spiritual entities consulted by a conjure doctor on behalf of clients may include deities, angels and archangels, personal spirit guides, as well as the spirits of ancestors and the dead. Spirits may also include the spirits of places, animals, plants, water sources, and beings other than humans; and a rich and varied roster of spiritual entities.

When undertaken by a professional rootworker, consulting with and petitioning the spirits on behalf of a client may at times involve aspects of altar work and prayers, recitation of portions of scripture, such as The Book of Psalms, and Candle Services. If engaged as a form of divination or prophecy, spirit work may include mediumship or channelling.


Popular Forms of Spirit Work

An old photo of one's happily married ancestors can be placed on a simple home altar to help establish mediumistic contact with them and draw their spiritual assistance in achieving love and marriage blessings in one's own life
Ancestral altar with statues representing ancestors from the Middle Passage, glasses of water, candles, offerings, pictures of the dead, and symbols of the Ancestral Realms
An altar at which the Hindu deities Ganesha and Lakshmi are petitioned for success in love
A bóveda or Spiritualist altar typical of those seen among practitioners of Espiritismo Kardecista, Espiritismo Cruzado, and Santerismo
A home altar featuring Hotei Buddha and an array of lucky gambling iconography

Spirit Work is a term that covers a broad range of altar work and prayer as well as magical traditions of spell casting in which root doctors may contact or seek the aid of spirits and spirit guides. It also includes spirit contacts undertaken while working within the Spiritualist tradition or in a Spiritualist church.

Religious Traditions of Working with Spirits

Religious traditions are cultural belief systems revolving around the engaging and understanding of the numinous, a term that can refer to philosophical, theological, and cosmological concepts of deity, spirit, nature, and the universe. Common characteristics of a religion are a distinction between clergy and lay persons and a liturgical order of services. Any given religion may or may not include magical prescriptive rites and/or divination or prophesy. Religious services generally include both worship and fellowship. (Read More ...)

Divinatory Traditions of Working with Spirits

Divinatory Traditions of Working with Spirits are specialized forms of fortune-telling, reading, divining, prophesying, telling futures, and oracular disclosure in which the process of determining the present or future circumstances of a person, place, relationship, or object may be glimpsed, understood, or predicted with the assistance of spirits. (Read More ...)

Magical Traditions of Working with Spirits

Magical Traditions of Working with Spirits are generally transmitted in the form of collections of rituals, prayers, spell casting and other spiritual means of affecting change in the physical world. Found in virtually every culture across the planet, magical traditions often have connections to religious traditions or divinatory traditions, and reflect the cultural values from which they originate. (Read More ...)

Religious Supplication to Deified, Holy, or Sainted Spirits

Some religions maintain lists of official and unofficial spiritual helpers, such as Catholic Church Saints. Catholic Folk Saints, African and African-Diasporic deities and spirits, Pagan and Neo-Pagan deities and spirits, Buddhist Bodhisattvas, Hindu deities, Islamic Spiritual Figures, Jewish Spiritual Figures, Native American Spiritual Figures, Taoist Deities, and more.

Mediumistic Contact with Spirits and Spirit Guides

Mediumship or channelling is a form of divination or spiritual consultation in which the medium or psychic reader transmits messages through mediumistic contact with Spirits and Spirit Guides, most often the spirits of the dead, of ancestors, or of well-known messenger spirits within the Spiritualist religion. (Read More ...)

Consultation with the Dead in a Graveyard

The spirits of the dead, either as spirit contacts within the Spiritualist Tradition or as embodied in their graveyard dirt, can be very helpful to rootworkers both in the performance of spiritual work as well as casting spells. (Read More ...)

Consultation with Ancestors

Ancestors are special spirits of the dead who are deceased family members or direct lineal ancestors. They can be approached in a Spiritualist Church context or as by contact at their graves, but they are often venerated on a home altar, with photographs or personal mementos as links to their spirits. (Read More ...)

Consultation with Personal Spirit Guides

Spirits and Spirit Guides are discarnate entities and allies of pure spirit who are willing to assist rootworkers, readers and other spiritualists in their Spirit Work. (Read More ...)

Consultation with Angels and Archangels

Angels are beings of Spirit who function as the messengers of God; Archangels have dominion over them, and Guardian Angels are those Angels assigned to help individual beings on Earth. (Read More ...)

Consultation with Ascended Masters

Ascended Masters are a group of world teachers who can reincarnate or appear in visionary form to disciples at will. These immortal beings are associated with the religions of Theosophy and the New Age Movement. (Read More ...)

Contact with Demons

Demons are spirits which are aggressive, wrathful, dangerous, violent, malefic, or evil. They may be invisible or take on a visible appearance. They are found in most religious traditions, may inhabit specific areas, and may attempt to seize control of living beings, including pets and people. Their depiction is often a composite of wild or domestic animals with humanoid monstrosities. (Read More ...)

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