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Shortly after the establishment of Caroline Dye Memorial Chapel, we were blessed with the shadow of our Foremother cast by the large lodestones on our Money House Blessing altar

Caroline Dye Memorial Chapel is a member church of the Association of Independent Spiritual Churches, and is located in Willits, California in the home of Rev. Michaele Maurer. The chapel is a place where all souls are welcome to find help, consolation, and the opening of the way.

About Caroline Dye

Born sometime between 1844 and 1850, Caroline Tracy Dye knew from childhood that she had genuine spiritual gifts. She began using them to serve the African-American community in which she lived. By the time she married, she was well-known throughout the state. In Newport, Arkansas, about 1900, she opened an office in her home, where hundreds of people from Arkansas, Tennessee, and other places came to see her daily. The press of clientele became so great that the local railroad had a dedicated train which ran from Memphis, Tennessee to a location very close to her home, about 90 miles away. Her clients called it “The Caroline Dye Special.”

Our Pastor, Miss Michaele
The first oil lamp I made in Caroline Dye's honor; lighting her lamp is part of our evening candle service.
One of our favorite images of Jesus
Social Justice is a concern close to our hearts; we keep a lamp for Frederick Douglass, the great Abolitionist preacher
We honor the birthday of "angelic troublemaker" Bayard Rustin on March 17 every year

She served people from all races and all walks of life; everyone from local businessmen and prosperous farmers to working-class people. Such a great volume of clients required organization: two secretaries, a cook and two waitresses to serve meals in the large dining room (all you could eat for thirty-five cents), and other helpers.

She had the gift of second sight, and was a skilled card reader. Blues songs written about her say that she also made mojo bags, but this may be legend. She did call up and describe visions of the future for her clients. Will Shade, composer of “Aunt Caroline Dyer Blues” and leader of the Memphis Jug Band, said she could raise the sick, and was “a smart lady,” but he also called her “the worst woman in the world.” I have no idea why.

Her gravestone says she died in 1918, but several of Harry Hyatt's informants spoke of her working cures and attending a spiritualist convention in the 1930's.

Our Spirit Colleagues and Mentors

Like our revered foremother, I believe that prayer is powerful for both spiritual transformation and the practical concerns of everyday life. I believe that no concern is too big for the power of prayer or too small for the loving eye of God. While I follow Jesus as my Mentor and Elder Brother, I welcome every Spirit Helper whose heart is as generous as the Christ’s.

For this reason, Caroline Dye herself has the place of honor on our Crystal Silence altar, along with Reverend Howard Thurman. The Justice Altar, immediately next to it, hosts great justice workers of the past: Fannie Lou Hamer, Bayard Rustin, and Frederick Douglass. Our Healing altar is where we contact St. Dymphna and Blessed Dr. José Gregorio Hernandez when praying for your mental and physical health. Hotei Buddha presides over our Money House Blessing altar.

Chapel Services

Prayer services are held each morning and evening. The morning prayer service is a meditation in the manner of the Crystal Silence League, receiving blessings from the light of the sun and the affirmative prayers of those who have just greeted the day to the east, adding my own blessings and passing them westward.

The evening prayer sevice is a candle and lamp service; these candles are dressed in the traditional conjure way and blessed for your condition, be it love, justice, protection, prosperity, or mental healing. After several days, when your candle has burned out, this is followed by divination of the glass, wax and other signs, which are reported to you by email.

About Rev. Michaele

Rev. Michaele is an ordained minister, spiritual counselor and rootworker. She is a member of the Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers, and co-author of the renowned Hoodoo Bible Magic: Sacred Secrets of Scriptural Sorcery.

Contact Information

Rev. Miss Michaele

Caroline Dye Memorial Chapel
Willits, California

Hours: Our private chapel is not open to visitors.

Please note that we are located in the Pacific Time Zone in California. We appreciate your taking any time differences into consideration when you call. Please pre-schedule telephone and in-person readings.

Our Services

In addition to praying for you, I am available by appointment for private readings, consultation, and coaching in magical work. (I find that the Spirit utters its truth most clearly through card reading, crystal scrying, and bibliomancy.)


Readings and Spiritual Consultations:

  • 15-minute consultation, most often used to check the progress of your own spiritual work: $20.00
  • 30 minute pre-scheduled reading: $40.00
  • 45 minute pre-scheduled reading: $60.00
  • Consultation or spiritual coaching: Included as part of each reading, according to your needs

I also offer coaching in magical work during every reading. Our spiritual work is stronger when you participate in it yourself.

Candle Services

  • Long Distance Candle Services for Spiritual Aid with Petitions and Prayers
  • Phone or email reading with candle service as prescribed by Rev. Michaele

I offer many different types of vigil candles, and will be happy to develop a custom type for you. (My Spirit Beacon, Remember Your Power, Balaam and Wisdom in Love candles were developed for specific clients and continue to bless many others.)

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