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Do you want to find a solution for the problems of your life? I, Reverend Fred, am ready with my rootwork, to help you clear the path.

I am an Italian hoodoo practitioner, healer and minister of the Universal Life Church. With my herbs, candles, lodestones, talismans, mojo bags, and prayers I can heal difficult relationships and provide the spiritual means to attract blessings, serenity, good luck, love, prosperity, strength and health. My aim is to assist you in getting rid of your fears, guilt and self-sabotage, and give you strong protection. I will do my best to make all your powers flourish and to assist in becoming the master of your own existence.

I received my formal training in traditional rootwork under the guidance of Miss Catherine Yronwode. I have a university degree in Sociology, as well as a variety of diplomas in several healing disciplines, including hands-on and long-distance healing.

My Grandmother was a very gifted psychic. My Mother, a fervent Catholic, "worked the Saints" with novenas and prayers, often making miracles happen. As a teenager I enjoyed using the pendulum and reading the I Ching and the tarot cards. Later I studied astrology with A. Capitani, one of the most famous Italian astrologers. Twenty-plus years of yoga meditation and long experience in spell casting have taught me how to ground in the daily life while expanding my consciousness in the spiritual dimension.

Romantic love spell for a young married couple
Prosperity spell in a glass candle-lantern
Analyzing the situation of the client with a pendulum, a dowsing chart, and a card deck
The Folk Saints altar (left to right: Rey Pascual, Maximon, Jesus Malverde, and Dr. José Gregorio Hernàndez)
Hot Foot spell to make an unpleasant neighbour move (with the help of the folk saint Rey Pascual)
A very simple but powerful fixed pebble for your protection; a free gift to each of my clients

In my job and studies I am very serious, but I consider a good sense of humor to be one of the most powerful weapons in the rootworker's arsenal.

As a traditional root doctor and minister of the Universal Life Church, I believe that whatever we find in the material world has its roots in a spiritual/subtle level. For this reason I consider spiritual cleansing (limpias) the first and most important thing in all my magical and healing activities.

Roots, herbs, minerals, candles, incense, powders, oils, prayers and talismans are my main tools, but I also fix a variety of very powerful stones and pebbles to help and protect.

I analyze the situation of my clients with the help of a card deck and a pendulum (I am also a professional dowser and radionics practitioner), carefully tailoring spells, prayers, and actions to each specific case. When I seek an answer to my questions, I often go into a light trance and directly ask my Spirit Guides.

I specialize in exorcism and depossessions and in unhexing human beings, animals, and places. With the help of my very powerful Spirit Guides I can clear haunted houses and neutralize negative memories in the locations where unpleasant happenings took place. I usually do these works as a form of long-distance healing, without the need of being physically in the place that I am treating. I approach those "heavy duties" with no fear, in a cheerful and happy mood: laughter can be more powerful than gunpowder!

You may read more about me at my Rootdoctor website.

Contact Information

Rev. Fred

Please note that I live in Europe and I work long-distance Hoodoo spells for people all over the world.

How to Pay for and Schedule an Appointment with Me

I am available for rootwork services, but I do not perform divinations or readings for clients at this time except for the free consultations that I perform as a precondition of accepting clients for rootwork services.

Book a psychic reading, spiritual counselling, conjure consultation, or hoodoo rootwork services with Rev. Fred

Booking my service as a spell-caster and rootworker requires a prior free consultation. Please, contact me by email before paying.



  • The only divinations or readings I offer are the free consultations that I perform as a precondition of accepting clients for for rootwork services.


  • Altar work and candle burning, mojo hands and conjure bags, long-distance cleansings, unhexing of people and places and other forms of spell casting: fees will be discussed during the free consultation.
  • “Magic pebbles”: one or more fixed pebbles will be given as a free bonus to all paying customers. These stones will be worked and customized considering the client's needs.

Divination, Readings, and Spiritual Advice

Hoodoo, Conjure, and Spiritual Rootwork

Client Condition and Situation Specialties

Outreach and Public Service



“I was looking for a long-term love relationship, but everything looked so difficult... Thanks to Rev. Fred's rootwork I found the perfect mate. I'm thrilled!” L.A., Dancer

“I lost my husband and decided to sell our beautiful villa. The price was very honest, but for two years nobody looked interested in buying it. I asked Rev. Fred to help. He immediately found that my unconscious attachment to the house was sabotaging the sale. He prepared a mojo bag and fixed a couple of his pebbles, to decrease my attachment and help the business. Two weeks later a very distinguished gentleman of the city came and asked if I was interested in selling my house... Thank you Rev. Fred for such an excellent job!” F. V., Singer

“I had several health problems, I was weak and overweight. Rev. Fred found that my dis-ease had a spiritual origin: my working place was filled up with negativity and I was victim of a curse. He cleared the premises and unjinxed me with a long-distance limpia (spiritual cleansing). Since then my health has improved a lot, most of my allergies are gone and I lost weight: now I feel strong and happy !” A.M., Musician

“In my job I felt stuck in the mud, with no hope of obtaining a promotion. Rev. Fred root-worked on my case. After a while... the miracle! My boss told me that she was leaving and asked me to take her place... WOW!” S.S., Psychologist

“Some years ago my daughter tried to commit suicide and I was in a very difficult financial situation. With the help of Rev. Fred's rootwork my girl got rid of her depression and I found a new job”. S.G., Performing Art Manager

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