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A host of saints gathered in Heaven
A saint (from the Latin sanctus, meaning holy) is a human being who is believed to have been called to holiness or has, consciously or unconsciously, fulfilled the criteria set for sainthood by a religious institution.

In the Roman Catholic denomination of Christianity, the title of Saint — an honorific spelled with a capital 'S' — refers to a person who has been recognized as holy through a Church process called canonization and who is believed to be in Heaven. More than 10,000 saints have been formally canonized in this way by the Roman Catholic Church. In addition, the Roman Catholic church recognizes the Jewish hierarchy of angels and archangels as Church saints.

Catholic church practice includes the veneration of saints and the petitioning of saints as intercessors who carry prayers to The Holy Trinity of The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit or to The Blessed Virgin Mother Mary. It is a tradition of the Roman Catholic Church to assign saints as patrons of various locations, situations, and jobs. This may be a place, situation, or occupation with which the saint was associated during life, or a technology, condition, or location associated with the saint after death due to multiple accounts of the saint's miraculous intercessions on behalf of those associated with a new location, job, or situation.

A Saint Barbara altar with candles, and a knife for warding off evil placed on an open Bible
A traditional Sicilian-style home altar in New Orleans, Louisiana, prepared to honour Saint Joseph on his feast day; offerings include bread wreaths and fancy fig-paste breads in the forms of Sacred hearts and a fish
Petitioning St. Cyprian for a client
Petitioning saints
A honey spell calling upon Saint Anthony to return a lost lover
The main altar at Saint Mary's Catholic Church in Saint Benedict, Kansas. The statues on the altar include Saint Monica, Saint Teresa of Avila, Saint Patrick, Saint Anne with Saint Mary, Saint Joachim, Saint Boniface, Saint Thomas Aquinas, and Saint Isidore
Archangel Michael protection spell
A simple home altar to Saint Therese of Lisieux, set about with porcelain roses
An altar to Saint Expedite featuring a collection of many statues and offerings of red flowers
A hoodoo altar to the saints; Catholic candles on this conjure doctor's altar include those to the Virgin of Guadalupe, Saint Jude, and the Sacred Heart of Jesus
An altar at Saint Peter's Church in Steven's Point, Wisconsin with statues of Saint Peter, Saint Agnes, Saint Anthony of Padua with the child Jesus, the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Sacred Heart of Jesus, crucified Christ, mother Mary, Saint John, Saint Jude, and Saint Ann with the child Mary
A home altar created to celebrate the feast day of Saint Joseph

Lutherans and Orthodox Christians also accept the Catholic concept of saints as venerable personages, although their lists of saints may vary from the Roman Catholic list.

In much of Protestant Christianity, the word "saint" typically refers to anyone who is a Christian, or a member of "the body of Christ," an understanding that is similar to the way Paul used the term in the New Testament of the Bible. Thus, to such Protestants, the saints include living Christians as well as dead ones, and saints are not always thought to be residents of Heaven. Most Protestant rootworkers consider making prayers to Roman Catholic Church saints to be a form of idolatry and it is not a part of their hoodoo or conjure practices.

Roman Catholic rootworkers may offer their clients the service of the petitioning of saints to grant a favor or wish to a client as part of their conjure and hoodoo rootwork. Catholic |hoodoo practitioners may also perform veneration to saints in a Catholic church, but it is common for Roman Catholic root doctors to have special relationships with patron saints or favorite saints whom they petition on behalf of clients in their own homes. Some rootworkers maintain a separate home altar for each favoured saint. Others may petition a variety of different saints on behalf of various clients at a single home altar, their choice of which saint to contact being determined by their understanding of the client's situation and needs.


Petitioning Catholic Church Saints

Within the Catholic Church, a saint may be designated as a patron or patroness of particular causes or professions, or be invoked against specific illnesses or disasters. A wide array of saints are known for their patronage of various facets of life, including returning lost lovers, finding lost objects, easing the burdens of the mentally ill, aiding in real estate and house-selling matters, bringing luck and money in a hurry, and ensuring a peaceful home and family life.

The following Catholic Church saints are petitioned for aid by conjure doctors and hoodoo practitioners who are Catholics, or who serve a primarily Catholic client base. They are also venerated in some branches of the syncretic religion of Santeria, in which Catholic Church saints are associated with the orishas or deities of West African Yoruban religion. Each saint has a story -- and a magical or spiritual specialty when it comes to helping people.

Click on a saint's name to read about the saint, see a picture, and find out what kinds of prayers, petitions, and spell-craft are associated with the saint among Catholic spiritual workers in the folk magic tradition.

Popular Catholic Church Saints

Saint Agatha

Saint Agatha is the patron of those suffering from breast cancer and is called on for protection from house fires, lightning, volcanic eruptions, and sexual assault. (Read More ...)

Saint Anne

Saint Anne is the patron saint of women who wish to become mothers, of pregnant women, women in labor, and grandmothers. (Read More ...)

Saint Anthony

Saint Anthony is petitioned for help in finding lost things, lost lovers, or a replacement for lost employment. (Read More ...)

Saint Barbara

Saint Barbara is the patron saint of firefighters, soldiers, prisoners, stone masons, and construction workers, builders. (Read More ...)

Saint Brigid

Saint Brigid is a patron saint of Ireland. (Read More ...)

Saint Cajetan

Saint Cajetan is the patron saint of Argentina, those unemployed and seeking jobs, gamblers, bankers, workers, and good fortune. (Read More...)

Saint Christopher

Saint Christopher is the patron saint of travelers; many people carry St. Christopher amulets on their persons or in their vehicles. (Read More ...)

Saint Clare

Saint Clare is the patron saint of embroidery, television, telephone and people suffering from eye disease. (Read More ...)

Saint Cyprian

Saint Cyprian is the patron of magicians, sorcerers, and those seeking occult mastery. (Read More ...)

Saint Dymphna

Saint Dymphna helps mental health patients, victims of incest, and survivors of sexual abuse. |(Read More ...)

Saint Expedite

Saint Expedite (a.k.a. Saint Expeditus or Saint Espedee) is the patron saint of those who need help in a hurry. (Read More ...)

Saint Florian

Saint Florian is the patron of fire fighters, and protects from damage by fire. (Read More ...)

Saint Francis

Saint Francis of Assisi is the patron saint of animals and of the environment, as well as the founder of the Franciscan order. (Read More ...)

Saint Gabriel the Archangel

Archangel Gabriel is a messenger of God in Jewish, Christian, Islam, and other faiths, and is a saint in the Catholic church. (Read More ...)

Saint Hildegard of Bingen

Saint Hildegard of Bingen was a Benedictine abbess; she is called upon to bless spiritual communities, increase closeness to God, and for the relief of migraines. (Read More ...)

Saint Ivo of Kermartin

Saint Ivo of Kermartin is the patron saint of the province of Brittany, and of lawyers, judges, orphans, abandoned children, justice for the poor, and pro bono legal work. (Read More ...)

Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph, the husband of the Virgin Mary and earthly father of Jesus Christ, is the patron saint of carpenters, fathers, and real estate. (Read More ...)

Saint Jude

Saint Jude was one of the twelve apostles and is the "patron saint of lost causes." (Read More ...)

Saint Lazarus

Saint Lazarus is called upon to help victims of stroke, AIDS, those who are in comas or suffer from other long-term, chronic health issues. (Read More ...)

Saint Lucy

Saint Lucy is the Catholic patron saint of the blind and eye diseases, of recovery from epidemics and throat infections, and of martyrs. (Read More ...)

Saint Martha

Saint Martha is the patron saint of servants and is petitioned for domination and triumph over bosses, employers, and authority figures. (Read More ...)

San Martin Caballero, Saint Martin of Tours

San Martin Caballero, Saint Martin of Tours is popular for money luck, especially with small businesses which rely on steady customer traffic. (Read More ...)

Saint Martin de Porres

Saint Martin de Porres is the patron saint of African-Americans, barbers, hairdressers, race relations, and social justice. (Read More ...)

Saint Michael the Archangel

Saint Michael the Archangel is the patron saint of policemen and warriors. (Read More ...)

Saint Nicholas

Saint Nicholas is the patron saint of merchants, sailors, archers, bakers, pawnbrokers, the Huguenots, and of course children. (Read More ...)

Saint Norbert

Saint Norbert is the patron saint called upon for safe childbirth. (Read More ...)

Saint Patrick

Saint Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland and people of Irish extraction and guards against snakes. (Read More ...)

Saint Peter

Saint Peter is the patron of fishermen and of locksmiths, and was one of the apostles of Christ. (Read More ...)

Saint Raphael the Archangel

Archangel Raphael is recognized as an Archangel in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic traditions and is one of only a few Jewish Archangels who has been made a saint in the Catholic church. (Read More ...)

Saint Raymond

Saint Raymond is petitioned on behalf of those in prison and by women hoping for an easy childbirth. (Read More ...)

Saint Rita

Saint Rita Saint Rita of Cascia is the patron of lost causes, difficult marriages, and victims of spousal abuse. (Read More ...)

Saint Roch

Saint Roch is the patron saint of dog lovers, dogs, knee problems, invalids, and pestilence. (Read More ...)

Saint Sebastian

Saint Sebastian is the patron saint of soldiers, plague victims, persecuted Christians, sports, and athletes. (Read More ...)

Saint Sylvester

Saint Sylvester was a pope in the Catholic Church, famous for his healing baptism of Emperor Constantine I (Read More ...)

Saint Teresa of Calcutta

Saint Teresa of Calcutta, known as Mother Teresa, is the patron saint of the Missionaries of Charity, the religious order she founded. (Read More ...)

Saint Therese of Lisieux

Saint Therese of Lisieux, known as The Little Flower, is the patron of the sick, of aviators, of florists, and of people with HIV/AIDS. (Read More ...)

Saint Uriel the Archangel

Archangel Uriel is recognized as an Archangel in Jewish and some Christian traditions, and as a saint in the Catholic tradition. (Read More ...)

Working Within the Catholic Tradition

For more information, see Working Within the Catholic Tradition

Catholic church practice includes the petitioning of saints as intercessors who carry prayers to The Holy Trinity or to Mother Mary. In folk-Catholic spirituality, a wide array of saints are known for their patronage of certain facets of life, including returning lost lovers, finding lost objects, easing the burdens of the mentally ill, aiding in real estate and house-selling matters, bring luck and money in a hurry, and ensuring a peaceful home and family life. In addition to saints, Catholic root doctors may also call upon the aid of Archangels, Guardian Angels and so-called Catholic Folk Saints. (Read more ... )

Working with Other Entities in the Catholic Church

In addition to petitioning Catholic Church Saints to hear their prayers in Heaven, some Catholic-identified root doctors may also call upon the direct aid of Archangels, Guardian Angels, Jesus Christ, Blessed Mother Mary, or the Holy Trinity of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost. They may also venerate and petition any number of Catholic Folk Saints, Spirits, or Deities.

Working with Catholic Folk Saints

For more information, plus a list of AIRR Certified Folk Saint Workers, see Catholic Folk Saints

Folks saints are spirits who have not been canonized as saintly by the Roman Catholic Church, but whose existence, legends, and assistance are well known to spiritual workers who come from Catholic traditions. Popular Catholic folk saints include Santisima Muerte (Holy Death), Jesus Malverde, and the Intranquil Spirit.

Working with Spirits and Spirit Guides

For more information, plus a list of AIRR Certified Spirit Workers, see Spirits and Spirit Guides

Spirit work involves enlisting the psychic aid of various spirits in order to accomplish specific spell-casting goals. These spirits may include the spirits of ancestors and the dead; the crossroads; Guardian Angels; the spirits of places, animals, plants, water sources, and beings other than humans; and a rich and varied roster of culturally important spiritual entities from various Religious and metaphysical traditions, such as Black Hawk, Maximon (San Simon-Judas), Elijah, Saint Peter, or Koot Hoomi.

Membership in the Catholic Religion

Many Catholic churches hold public worship services at which the clergy interact both with deity and with the laity. Membership in Catholic houses of worship requires initiatic rites of passage, including baptism, confirmation, and a declaration of faith in a specific creed.


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