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La Omnipresencia de Dios ("The Omnipresence of God") is a 19th century Mexican image long associated with the Intranquil Spirit

The Intranquil Spirit is a spiritual being, or class of spirits, who comes to hoodoo via the folk traditions of Latin America, specifically via Mexican brujeria or witchcraft. This spirit of, who is said to "wander between heaven and hell" is petitioned by scorned lovers for the return of their partner. The spirit is petitioned through prayers and candles and then it is sent to harass, torment, and coerce the victim with restlessness and an unnatural need to see, speak, hear, and be around the petitioner until the victim returns to the jilted lover. Although this may seem like a love spell, the prayer to the Intranquil Spirit is actually in part a curse in that it is coercive, forceful, and tormenting. The result may be an angry and restless partner who is humbled into returning against his or her will -- not the happy or healthy resumption of the relationship that was hoped for.

The petition to the Intranquil Spirit exists within a class of spells and intercessory prayers that have a long history in various folk magical traditions. We find similar spells that petition spirits to force the return of a lover spanning all the way back to ancient Egypt, the Greek Magical Papyri, and other classical and indigenous cultural magical practices. The prevalence of this type of magical work demonstrates the need of people to deal with a wayward lover or spouse. The Mexican spirit Santisima Muerte or Most Holy Death, despite having a completely different origin, is a comparable entity, in that she too is petitioned by those who work with Catholic folk saints for similar purposes and outcomes.

There are no actual pictures of the Intranquil Spirit. Instead candles and oils prepared for petitioning it draw their imagery from an 19th century Mexican holy print called "La Omnipresencia de Dios," or "The Omnipresence of God." This image contains words and sequential art panels that give moral instruction about the heavenly rewards for piety and good deeds and the after-death punishments for greed and violence, and it would almost seem to function as an educational warning against petitioning the Intranquil Spirit -- but those who seek such help may either fail to grasp the implications or may choose to push on regardless of the consequences. Hoodoo psychic readers, spirit workers and root doctors who petition the spirits on behalf of clients may work with the Intranquil Spirit to force the return of a lover, to torment a selfish former lover and to dominate and control a wayward spouse.


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