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A root doctor's laboratory where hand-made spiritual supplies are compounded for clients

Hoodoo and Conjure Oils, often called anointing oils, dressing oils, formula oils, or condition oils, are crafted for virtually every circumstance in life and for every magical purpose. Authentic condition oils will be made with natural ingredients, such as herbs, roots, and curios that have been added to a carrier oil and mixed with appropriate essential and fragrance oils. These popular spiritual supplies are generally sanctified with altar work and prayers as they are being made.

Hoodoo root doctors may compound specific oils for their clients as needed or they may purchase them from a reputable supplier and dispense them to clients as necessary. Rootworkers who specialize in one or two areas of conjure may keep larger bottles on hand into which they have pre-mixed or blended several different oil formulas for the same condition, such as three love attracting oils, or four money drawing oils. When a client needs a certain oil, a small quantity of the blend will be decanted and mailed to the client or, if the work is done in person, it may be bottled and given to the client, with instructions for its use.

Condition oils can be formulated to alleviate suffering, to remove or reverse crossed conditions, curses, or jinxes, for protection from enemies, or to draw specific changes and experiences to the client. The majority of hoodoo oils have secular magical names that clearly state the oil's purpose, like Pay Me, Crown of Success, and Love Me. Some oils have religious names like Archangel Raphael, Holy Trinity, or Lord Ganesha, signifying devotion to a deity or spiritual entity whose aid and assistance is being sought through magical prayer.

Well-made conjure oils contain visible roots, herbs, and minerals appropriate to the condition being addressed

Hoodoo oils are employed for anointing petitions; candles; mojo bags; talismans, amulets, enchanted jewelry, and coins; doll babies; roots; and one's own body. They may be added to magical bags, jars, and bottles. When a root doctor conducts in-person work for aclient, an appropriate oil may be used to anoint a significant area of theclient's body while prayers or portions of the Book of Psalms are incanted. For instance, the conjure worker may make a cross of Clarity Oil on the client's forehead for blessing, an anointing of the client's head for career success, crosses in the palms of the client's hands for money-getting, or crosses on the soles of the client's feet for safe travel.

Conjure oils are also used in the preparation of other common spiritual supplies found in hoodoo practice, such as sachet powders, incense, baths, washes, and ointments. They can be used to scent these preparations and also to focus on the condition for which these spiritual supplies are to be used. Essentially, they may be used in virtually limitless ways.

No matter what type of essential oil or formula oil your conjure practitioner puts together or prescribes for you, the ingredients will be selected with reference to your personal needs, whether for blessing, love-drawing, reconciliation, money-drawing, spiritual protection, court case and legal matters, or aggressive work against an enemy.

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