Hoodoo Washes and Waters

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An old-fashioned spiritual house or business cleansing may require a mop, bucket, scrub water, broom, and dusting cloths, as well as prayers, candles, herbs, oils, and other conjure supplies
An assortment of washes and waters for protection, aggression, and spiritual cleansing

Hoodoo Washes and Waters are liquid preparations, primarily used in baths and as floor washes, for cleansing, protection, drawing love, increasing money-luck, and getting rid of crossed conditions. Washes and waters are spiritual supplies that may also be combined with herbal and mineral bath salts to be used in the laundry as rinse additives so that the essence of the preparation will cling to the client's or clients family's clothing or bed linens.

As their name implies, water is often the primary ingredient in these preparations, but some are based in alcohol, ammonia, or concentrated liquid soaps; the latter often include herbs and essential oils and are diluted with water before use. Weak perfumes, called toilet waters, may also be diluted with water for use as washes.

Some spiritual waters, like Rose Water, Willow Water, and Orange Water, are simply derived from a single ingredient. These water-based preparations, enhanced with a small amount of essential oil, may be employed in cooking or baking, and are especially popular for this purpose in the Middle East. They also make fragrant additions to the bath, with or without the addition of conjure bath products. Other washes are traditional formulas prepared specifically for conjure work containing a number of ingredients that are used to bring about a definite condition. Perhaps the two most famous of these formulas are War Water and Peace Water.

Conjure washes and waters are commonly employed as floor and wall scrubs during the spiritual cleansing of a physical property. Some people clean house with magical floor washes on a daily or weekly basis, accompanying their use with the recital of appropriate Psalms and others use them in the regular cleaning of their spiritual altars. Floor washes are especially effective in the practice of hoodoo foot track magic, and when used to lightly dampen clean swept rugs, they can dramatically change the vibration in a home or place of business. Waters and washes may also be used as ingredients in spell casting, to dress or wash mojo hands, conjure bags, doll babies, amulets, and other items, and to sprinkle over objects or statuary on the altar.

Many of these washes are prepared to clean, purify, and open up a space, or to draw positive conditions such as luck, romance, or health to a location. Likewise, a root doctor may prescribe floor washes to a client for the fulfillment of specific desires, such as bringing money into a retail shop or sexual love into a bedroom. Specialized herbal or mineral waters, as well as holy water from a church or water from a sacred spring, may be used to clean a home or a client, can be placed on an altar as offerings to ancestors, spirits, and spiritual allies. One of the most popular of these sacred waters is that from the grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes in France, which is widely reputed to bring healing to the body and the mind.

Root doctors who do hands-on cleaning of people or physical places will often incorporate a water or wash into their work. Spiritual waters and washes are available commercially, but some rootworkers also make their own for clients. As with all spiritual preparations, your worker should give you basic instructions on how and when you are to use the wash.

No matter what form of wash or water your conjure practitioner puts together or prescribes for you, the ingredients will be selected with reference to your personal needs, whether for blessing, love-drawing, reconciliation, money-drawing, spiritual protection, jinx-breaking, court case and legal matters, or aggressive work against an enemy.

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