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Blending flax seeds into rose-coloured bath crystal salts

Hoodoo and Conjure Bath Products are spiritual supplies that include mineral compounds like salt and Epsom salts; herbs, roots, and flowers that can be brewed and made into bath-teas; crystal bath salts that have been dressed and scented with appropriate condition oils and added herbs; and hand-made herbal soaps.

There are many effective, traditional baths for different purposes and conditions. The selected herbs and oils used in the manufacture of these products correspond to the symbolism of the conditions for which the bathing is prescribed, including spiritual cleansing and all forms of spell casting.

Hand-made herbal spiritual soaps prepared by a root doctor for clients to use in ritual baths before or as a part of spell casting

Spiritual bathing is one of the oldest rituals in the world. We find many different religious traditions and advocating the use and benefits derived from consistent spiritual bathing. In hoodoo, we use spiritual bathing to remove jinxes and crossed conditions, to cleanse our bodies, minds, and spirits and open the road for us, and to draw certain desired conditions like more money or a new love.

Some spiritual workers prepare bath mixtures for clients at certain times of day or on certain days of the week. Most practitioners recite prayers or petitions over the mixtures while compounding them, as they deem appropriate to the condition or situation in which the supplies are to be used.

If the client and the rootworker can get together physically, the worker might prepare the bath on location and offer hands-on bathing. Alternatively, the client may request a proxy ritual of spiritual cleansing at a distance. However, in most cases, the spiritual worker will prescribe a specific form of bath and send the client the ingredients needed, along with directions on how to perform the rite of bathing, including what prayers are to be spoken during the work. Prayers may be extemporaneous and unrehearsed, or they may include recitation of portions of scripture, such as The Book of Psalms.

The tradition of ritual bathing has ancient roots in folkloric magic, but even the most dedicated client does not usually have time to take a full-scale spiritual bath every day. This is where spiritual soaps come in. They carry the energy of the spell work, but in a handy, convenient form that can be used daily or while travelling.

If properly made, spiritual soaps should contain a measure of the traditional magical herbs, roots, and essential oils appropriate to the condition for which they are prescribed. If your root worker prescribes a spiritual soap for you to use after a large-scale spiritual cleansing bath or between weekly or monthly cleansing baths, you can be assured that the soap, if used with attention and focus to your goals and desires, will assist you in carrying the good work on.

No matter what form of bath products your conjure practitioner puts together or prescribes for you, the ingredients will be selected with reference to your personal needs, whether for blessing, love-drawing, reconciliation, money-drawing, spiritual protection, court case and legal matters, or aggressive work against an enemy.

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