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Preparing spiritual supplies

Hoodoo root doctors often prescribe spiritual remedies for their clients. These natural curios and hand-made preparations include herbal or mineral salt baths; herbal teas; poultices and liniments; herbal and mineral salt floor washes and laundry additives; hoodoo perfumes, colognes, and room sprays; resin or herbally compounded incenses; anointing oils, hoodoo oils, ritual oils, and conjure oils to be worn on the body or to dress candles, talismans, mojo hands and conjure bags, or other objects. Herbal and mineral preparations can also be used as sprinkles throughout a home, or they can be misted into an environment to create a quick change or to maintain and emphasize the desired tone in between more thorough cleansings.


The Preparation of Spiritual Supplies

Preparing herbs with a mortar and pestle
Well-made conjure oils contain visible roots, herbs, and minerals
Burning a sage bundle for purification
Sachet powder base being weighed out; powdered herbs and essential oils will be added next
Blending flax seeds into rose-coloured bath crystal salts
An assortment of washes and waters for protection, aggression, and spiritual cleansing
Cologne may be used to draw good luck, as a form of protection, as an offering to ancestors, or to feed mojo bags such as with this gambling hand that is being created.
Commercial medicines and liniments have a long history of use in African American conjure

The collection, preparation, and compounding of magical goods or materia magicae is a large part of the work of many professional rootworkers. However, not every conjure doctor makes his or her own supplies. Those who do not craft their own supplies will generally obtain them from a reputable vendor who is also a known and respected conjure doctor.

Spiritual supplies that are compounded by root doctors -- either for clients or for their fellow conjure workers -- are not factory-made products mass-produced and marketed with little more than a label to identify them as tools of conjure work. Rather, they are generally compounded according to old and traditional formulas and are always hand-made with care, and often with prayer. For instance, spiritual oils, incenses and powders that are crafted by Spiritual Church members may be accompanied by the recital of a spoken prayer while they are being mixed. Two traditional prayers for this purpose are Biblical Psalms which praise God for the existence of a wide variety of plant and animal species such as might be used in compounding perfumes, magical supplies, or medical remedies. They are Psalms 104 ("Bless the Lord, O my soul. O Lord my God, thou art very great ...") and Psalms 8 ("O Lord, our Lord, how excellent is thy name in all the earth! ...")

Once spiritual supplies have been prepared, they may be utilized by a practitioner who is working on or for a client, or they may be given out to a client for use in prescriptive work at home. These goods are marketed to the public for use, but having a cabinet or a doctor's bag of such supplies ready to hand to meet every kind of situation or condition is what distinguishes a root doctor from a home practitioner, for the latter generally only purchase spiritual supplies on the basis of immediate need for the specific spell-work that they are undertaking on behalf of themselves or their family.

Prescriptions for spiritual supplies are usually accompanied by simple instructions for the client's use, including prayers to be said, the timing of the work, and the number of repetitions recommended. There are also a goodly number of spell-books written by AIRR Members widely available to the public that contain specific spell instructions that include how to use spiritual supplies.

If you intend to do your own rootwork, you may book a divination for magical coaching and prescriptions, and then shop with an AIRR Member who also maintains a spiritual supply store for the public.

Hoodoo Roots and Herbs

Hoodoo Roots and Herbs, as well as compounded herbal preparations, are nature's gift to all of us and embody, in concentrated form, the wonders of the Spirit world in which we live. Herbs, roots, and living plants are employed in a number of ways by hoodoo rootworkers and their use is a fundamental part of conjure practice. (Read More ...)

Hoodoo and Conjure Oils

Hoodoo and Conjure Oils, often called anointing oils, dressing oils, or condition oils, are crafted for virtually every circumstance in life and for every magical purpose. Authentic condition oils will be made with natural ingredients, herbs, roots, and curios that have been added to a carrier oil and mixed with appropriate essential and in some cases fragrance oils. They are generally sanctified with prayer as they are being made. (Read More ...)

Hoodoo and Conjure Incense

Hoodoo and Conjure Incense, like the spiritual suffumigations of other religious traditions and magical practices, has a long tradition of use in hoodoo. Incense can be burned during altar work and prayer as well as while spell casting. It can be burned on its own to spiritually cleanse of clear a room of negative energy or bad spirits. (Read More ...)

Hoodoo and Conjure Sachet Powders

Hoodoo and Conjure Sachet Powders or dusting powders are compounded blends of powdered mineral and vegetable starches such as talcum, arrowroot, or corn starch, along with finely powdered herbs and essential oils. (Read More ...)

Hoodoo and Conjure Bath Products

Hoodoo and Conjure Bath Products include mineral compounds like salt and Epsom salts; herbs, roots, and flowers that can be brewed and made into bath-teas; crystal bath salts that have been dressed and scented with appropriate condition oils and added herbs; and hand-made herbal soaps. (Read More ...)

Hoodoo Washes and Waters

Hoodoo Washes and Waters are liquid preparations, primarily used as baths and floor washes, for cleansing, protection, drawing love, increasing money-luck, and getting rid of crossed conditions. (Read More ...)

Hoodoo Perfumes and Colognes

Hoodoo Perfumes and Colognes are alcohol-based liquids scented with floral and herbal essential oils, worn on the person for magical effects, used to feed mojo hands and jack balls and keep them working, and, given as offerings to ancestors and other spirits. (Read More ...)

Hoodoo Candles and Oil Lamps

Hoodoo Candles and Oil Lamps play a powerful role in the practice of hoodoo, conjure, and rootwork. Not only do Candle Spells form a distinct type of magical rite on their own, candles and lamps may also be utilized in the fixing and preparation of mojo bags, placed on container or jar spells, and employed on altars or in acts of religious veneration and devotion. (Read More ...)

Hoodoo Health Care and Beauty Products

Hoodoo Health Care and Beauty Products, including herbal poultices, liniments, plasters, ointments, skin lotions, pomades, and hair treatments, originated in the old hoodoo drugstores, at the intersection between magic and medicine, where we can see the double meaning of the term "root doctor." (Read More ...)

Hoodoo and Conjure Altar Tools

Hoodoo and Conjure Altar Tools are used by practitioners who maintain a dedicated work space or a dedicated religious or sacred space where they perform spells or altar work and prayers on their own behalf or that of their clients. (Read More ...)


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