Hoodoo Perfumes and Colognes

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Cologne may be used to draw good luck, as a form of protection, as an offering to ancestors, or to feed mojo bags such as with this gambling hand that is being created.
A perfume atomizer designed to be filled with the owner's choice of magical perfume or cologne.

Hoodoo Perfumes and Colognes are alcohol-based liquids scented with floral and herbal essential oils. As spiritual supplies they are worn on the person for magical effects, used to feed mojo hands and jack balls and keep them working, and given as offerings to ancestors and other spirits.

The words perfume and cologne are not interchangeable. Technically speaking, perfumes, colognes, and toilet waters are defined by the percentage of essential oils, alcohol they contain, and by how much water is used to dilute the alcohol. These definitions are complicated by the fact that the antique term "water" was, in the past, applied to any alcohol-based scent that was diluted with water -- thus the word "Cologne" -- a brand name is short for "Eau de Cologne ("Water of Cologne")" and the most diluted of these fragrances, toilet waters, are not water-based at all.

As liquids, perfumes and colognes are used in ways similar to Hoodoo Washes and Waters, in baths and as additions to floor washes, for cleansing, protection, drawing love, increasing money-luck, and getting rid of crossed conditions. Perfumes and colognes may also be combined with herbal and mineral bath salts to be used in the laundry as rinse additives so that the essence of the preparation will cling to the client's or client's family's clothing or bed linens.

Some spiritual practitioners make up their perfumes and colognes from scratch for clients, but most root doctors -- at least since the 19th century -- have relied upon commercially purchased colognes and perfumes that are scented with magically active flowers, herbs, seeds, and roots. Among the most popular of the commercial perfumes and colognes are Hoyt's Cologne, Hoyt's Bergamot, Florida Water, Jockey Club perfume, Double Luck perfume, Kananga Water Cologne, Rose Cologne, and Orange Blossom Cologne.

Many perfumes and colognes have long standing reputations in the conjure community for their effectiveness in drawing or getting rid of a specific condition, Hoyt's Cologne for instance, is widely used for drawing luck in gambling as well as reconciliation love and sex]], Kananga Water is used in ancestor work, and Florida Water is considered an all-around altar offering that can be used to cleanse, spiritual protect, or bring peaceful blessings to a location of a person.

Although colognes and perfumes are ready to use straight from the bottle, there is also a strong tradition of "doctoring" them with added ingredients, to enhance their energy for magical purposes. For instance, Hoyt's Cologne may be given a lucky money-drawing boost with added pieces of golden pyrite gravel, while Rose Cologne may be enhanced with pieces of lovage root, spikenard root, and Queen Elizabeth root to bring out its love-drawing abilities. Reputable conjure doctors understand the varied purposes ascribed to these different products, whether they sell the commercial varieties, fix a commercial preparation with the addition of hoodoo or conjure condition oils, or make their own perfumes from raw ingredients.

Your conjure worker may fix and prepare a commercial cologne for you, or instruct you to place certain herbs, roots, flowers, minerals, or other curios into a bottle of a specific brand of perfume or cologne, as he or she deems appropriate to your case. You may use the perfume or cologne straight out of the bottle, of course, but if you wish to conceal your work, it is traditional to put the magical fragrance into a perfume atomizer or pump sprayer so that you may employ it without your intentions being noticed by those around you.

No matter what form of perfume or cologne your conjure practitioner puts together or prescribes for you, the ingredients will be selected with reference to your personal needs, whether for blessing, love-drawing, reconciliation, money-drawing, spiritual protection, jinx-breaking, court case and legal matters, or aggressive work against an enemy.

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