Hoodoo and Conjure Sachet Powders

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Sachet powder base being weighed out; powdered herbs and essential oils will be added next

Hoodoo and Conjure Sachet Powders or dusting powders are compounded blends of powdered mineral and vegetable starches such as talcum, arrowroot, or corn starch, along with finely powdered herbs and essential oils. They are spiritual supplies that can be applied to the body and to other objects as needed.

These powders can be used in personal care, as after-bath dusting powders, or to surround the client with the aroma and intention for which the powder was created.

Powders may also be blown about a room or other area. They may be blown with specific intentions or accompanied by the recitation of prayers in the direction of the person one wishes to affect.

They may also be sprinkled where they will be walked through, or into sheets, clothing, or shoes. They may be used to dress cards, letters, or paperwork, thus affecting the recipient of those papers.

In addition to being used to dress people, papers, bedding, or clothing, hoodoo and conjure sachet powders may also be scattered or blown on the floor and swept or vacuumed up as a quick-fix floor sprinkle to cleanse a room. They may also be dusted onto oiled candles to fix them for use or used to draw symbolic circles, triangles, or stars on the altar, where candle magic is conducted.

Herbs and roots that are added to sachet powders are ground to fine powder in a mortar and pestle

Sachet powders are especially useful in the deploying of many sneaky tricks which are effective in part because they are done in secret. The use of oils to dress certain objects, especially paper objects like money or legal documents, is limited because oil shows up on paper. Lightly dusted sachet powder however leaves no visible trace of itself on paper and is often used to dress letters, money, and documents of all kinds for this reason.

Sachet powder can also be sneaked into the personal dusting powders of a lover and the user of the powder may never know the difference. Since many folks use talcum powder to keep their feet dry, workers get the added bonus of some powerful foot track magic.

Two special kinds of powders used in hoodoo are Hot Foot Powder and Goofer Dust. Both powders are usually proprietary blends composed of minerals, spices, herbs, roots, and occasionally biological material, like snake sheds or dried scorpions. Sulphur is a common ingredient found in both mixtures as is pepper. Hot Foot powder is used primarily for getting rid of unwanted people and Goofer Dust is used to kill, hurt, or cross an enemy.

No matter what form of sachet powders your conjure practitioner puts together or prescribes for you, the ingredients will be selected with reference to your personal needs, whether for blessing, love-drawing, reconciliation, money-drawing, spiritual protection, court case and legal matters, or aggressive work against an enemy.

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