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Dreams often do come true, and when they contain warnings, you may wish to consult a root doctor to interpret them for you
Dreams, signs and omens are all around us, but not all of us are gifted to read them accurately. If you have been troubled by unusual dreams or have experienced a run of seemingly strange coincidences that you do not understand, you may find it helpful to consult with a psychic reader who will listen to your description of events and then interpret them for you.

Especially in cases where the dream or omen signs may point toward something unexpected, unwanted, or frightening that may be about to enter your life, or where the dream or omen re-occurs so often that youu feel it must be a message from the world of spirit that is not being understood by your waking self, you may wish to seek a spiritual opinion from a gifted dream interpreter or omen diviner with no vested income in the matter, who can tell you the meaning of what has been revealed.


Dream Interpretation

Dreaming of a tornado is more common than one would expect; it represents a form of danger which can be avoided by moving out of the coming path of destruction
Many gamblers and lottery players seek dream interpretations in order to catch lucky numbers; dream books like this one contain lists of lucky numbers associated with hundreds of dreams
Ornithomancy, also called Orniscopy, is the art of foretelling future events by observing the flights of birds.

A dream, sign, or omen divination session is conducted differently than the typical card, palm, or psychic reading. Instead of the diviner telling you what they see, you must tell them what you saw. They will listen to your account of the dream you had, the sight you saw, or the unusual event that transpired to you, and then, just like Joseph before the Pharaoh or Daniel before Nebuchadnezzar, they will tell you what the dream or sign foretells for you. One of the earliest books of systematized dream interpretation is "Zhou Gong's Explanations of Dreams," whose authorship is attributed to Zhou Gong, also known as Dan, Duke Wen of Zhou, or The Duke of Chou, who lived in the 11th century BCE.

Getting a reading on a dream or omen seen in waking life is generally what is called a "short" reading, taking ten to fifteen minutes, or up to half an hour; it will rarely take longer than that. If remediation is sought, so as to either lessen or heighten the foretold effects of the dream or omen, you may arrange that separately with the reader or rootworker.

There are two basic ways that your psychic reader may interpret your dreams:

  • By a culturally-agreed-upon symbol-set -- for instance, dream of a kitten, you want a baby; dream of a fish, you or someone you know is pregnant; dream of a black dog, death or misfortune are stalking you.
  • By interpreting how the dream relates to you on a personal and psychological level -- for instance, dream of a kitten, your cat is pregnant; dream of a fish, you or someone you know is going to take an ocean voyage or will raise tropical fish, or your body is in need of fish oil supplements; dream of a black dog, your poodle wants breakfast.

Unusual dreams, sometimes so "real" that they cannot be distinguished from waking life, are often forerunners of things to come. Dreams of paralysis, visitations from the dead in dreams, hag-riding, and prophetic dreams that augur wealth, fame, or happiness in love all benefit from interpretation.

Lucky Gambling Numbers from Dreams

If you are looking for lucky numbers from your dreams in order to place bets at the races, in a casino game, or in a lottery, a spiritual worker who is also a numerologist will be able to provide them to you from your dreams. The reader generally will do a brief three-digit work-out on the dream for you, and if you wish to pay for a few more minutes of time, the reader can also relate the numbers to your personal lucky birth date and full-name numbers, and tell you how long the lucky numbers will hold good for you.

An experienced Southern-style spiritual counselor can do more than help you interpret your dreams and explain the meaning of unusual signs and omens you have seen. If you wish to undertake your own own study of dream interpretations with indications for lucky numers, colours, or days to bet, you can select the kind of hoodoo rootworker who is capable and happy to prescribe spiritual supplies for clients -- and just ask him or her to recommend a book on numerology or a lucky lottery number dream book for to you to study on your own.

Divining Signs and Omens from Nature

In days gone by, when humans lived in areas more closely connected to the natural world, there were special diviners whose job it was to interpret signs from nature. The patterns of the flights of birds, the sudden out-of-season blooming of a tree, an unexpected invasion of snails, mice, or snakes -- all of these carry information and significance to one who is gifted in natural divination lore.

Yet even those who dwell in the concrete-blocked urban environments where nature dares not enter in may see signs and omens of the natural world: stray dogs may howl around your door, a tree branch may fall and stab itself point down into your lawn, a flock of birds may take up sudden residence in your back yard, and just as quickly vanish.

In cases like these, a gifted diviner of the natural world can tell you much that you may wish to know. Do owls portend the same consequences as ravens? Is an invasion of black ants something to be worried about, or is it harmless and benign? What does it mean when the sun shines through at the same time that rain is falling?

If nature's little calling cards are visible to you, but you cannot read them, you may wish to schedule an appointment with a natural diviner who can interpret for you the meanings of these spiritual signs.

Divining Signs and Omens from Daily Life

Most of us know the common meanings assigned to events like a black cat crossing our trail, or someone sweeping our feet with a broom, but sometimes the signs are very unusual, and only a gifted reader can help us pierce the veil.

Perhaps as you went about your normal daily business, you found four different, apparently discarded white gloves at widely separated places. Perhaps while driving, you passed three cars in a row whose license plates ended in the number 23. Perhaps a drunken man accosted you in the grocery store and called you by the name of your long-dead mother -- a name no one has spoken to you in fifteen years.

It is at times like this, when you know that Spirit is sending a message, but you simply cannot understand it, that you may call upon a diviner of omens to tell you the message that you were meant to hear.


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