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Psychometry of an old photograph
Psychometry is the practice of receiving information from physical objects and using the information in divination.

Photographs, jewelry, articles of clothing, and many other objects can be read in this way. Information received via psychometry may include experiences that the individual in the photograph has had, or may give clues to the individual's whereabouts. Psychometrized jewelry and other objects may reveal information about the people who owned, wore or used them.

Psychometry differs from mediumship in that it is a direct perception and does not rely for its efficacy on the aid or intercession of spirits, angels, or other discarnate entities. However, some spirit mediums do utilize the psychometry of personal objects to contact the spirits of the dead who once owned or handled the objects in question; this is particularly common among those who work in African American traditions of ancestor veneration.

The item to be psychometrized is usually held in the hand or hands of the reader, or, in some cases, it is pressed against the reader's forehead. Information obtained by psychometric reading of an object or photograph may be visual, auditory, or simply known without an emphasis on a particular sense.

Physical touch is often required for psychometry to produce results, so if you wish to work with a psychometrist who does not live close to you, the psychometrist may ask you to send the articles, insured if necessary, and to accompany them with the reader's fee and sufficient postage to cover their return to you, or, in the case of photographs, may ask for them to be transmitted electronically.


Reading an Object via Psychometry

An old pocket watch can tell a psychometrist a lot about the person who once owned and wore it
The objects a person carries in his pockets can tell a reader a lot about who he is
Military and commemorative medals passed down through the family can open a channel between the reader and a client's otherwise unknown ancestor
This old snapshot, taken in North Carolina during the 1920s, can be read by a psychometrist for spiritual information about the subjects of the photograph
The clothing worn by an individual can be touched and read via stolisomancty or psychometry; in the case of a baby, the reader will also gather impressions from the parent who clothed the child

For more information on handwriting analysis, plus a list of AIRR Certified Hand Readers and Handwriting Analysts, see the page on Graphology

Reading a name written on paper via psychometry

Ideal objects for psychometry include things which were worn, carried, or touched by the owner on a regular basis, such as jewelry, clothing, a pocket watch or wrist watch, a Bible, silverware, or spiritual curios. Usually the information obtained has to do with moments in the life of the person to whom the object belongs or belonged, and it may include data about the owner’s character or his or her emotional state, opinion of a particular situation or person, or current location.

Items touched less often by their previous owner, or that were never carried on the person can also be read via psychometry, and may include such unusual objects as a toaster, a telephone, or a garden trowel. In the case of very large objects, such as an automobile, a wall, a door, or a desk, the psychometrist will travel to the site to touch the item and may receive psychical impressions of more than one person who touched or used the object over the years.

Some psychometrists will work with a handwriting sample of the individual as an object which is used for reading. For those so gifted, this can be a remarkably effective method of information gathering via psychometry. The longer and more personal the text, the better. When it comes to psychometry, a diary is preferred to a single love letter, a love letter to a signed check, and a signed check to a single slip of paper containing nothing more than an autograph. However, even an autograph can be psychometrized, if that is all that is available.

It is important to note that psychometrizing a handwriting sample or an autograph is not the same as Graphology or Handwriting Analysis because the handwriting itself is not being structurally analyzed.

Psychometrizing a handwriting sample is also not the same as psychometry performed by reading a name written on paper because in the latter form of divination, it is the reader who writes the name and there is nothing in his or her hands that was actually touched by the individual about whom the client is seeking information.

Reading a Photograph via Psychometry

A gifted reader may psychometrize a photograph by holding it in his or her hands or by placing it on a surface and holding his or her hands over it. Generally speaking, most psychometrists require physical contact with the photograph, but a few psychometrists are able to combine psychometry with crystal scrying, and they will connect with the photo by placing it beneath a clear crystal ball or on an altar and reading it that way.

If the photograph is of a person, the divination information gained by the psychometrist may include data about the pictured person's character, various moments in the life of the individual, or his or her current emotional state or opinion of a particular situation or person. At times information about the individual's current location may be obtained, which makes psychometry a useful gift in the case of a missing person. Some psychometrists combine their gift with traditional methods of body reading and face reading when they psychometrize photographs of people.

If the photograph is of a house, a gravestone, or a piece of land, the information which the psychometrist receives may include information about people or animals who lived there, what spirits reside in the location, and whether the home is haunted by ghosts or negative entities.

The photo of a house or grave site of a deceased person may also be used in an to attempt to make contact with the spirits of the dead when no photographs of the people themselves are available, but this is not, strictly speaking, divination through psychometry; rather it is a form of image-assisted mediumship.

Because of its versatility, photographic psychometry is employed on behalf of clients in many situations and as a divinatory technique, it has a reputation for producing remarkable results when undertaken by a gifted psychometrist.

If you plan to have a psychometrist work with your photographs, you should be aware that some psychometrists work with electronically transmitted file copies of photos, but others prefer actual photographs.

A print made directly from a negative which was exposed to the scene is preferred by many psychometrists to a photocopy or a fax copy of the print.

Likewise, for some psychometrists, a direct print-out of a digitally captured image is easier to read than the same image received via photocopy or fox machine.

The reasons that some psychometrists prefer to work with original materials are varied.

Some psychometrists say that the taking of a snapshot captures the light reflected from the scene, and the fewer number of copying procedures that the psychometrist must "read through," the more satisfactory the results.

Others psychometrists note that generally it is the case that original photographs have been handled and touched many times, often by people who were present at the scene or knew the person whom the photo depicts, and that these instances of handling may also impart information to the photograph that a gifted psychic can obtain through physical psychometry.

Additionally, a psychometrist who is going to perform a divination on a relationship situation (e.g. lovers, spouses, family members, co-workers, business associates, teachers and students, etc.) may request that you supply three photos -- one of yourself (the client), one of the person about whom you want information (the target) and, if possible, one which includes both people (the client and the target), either alone together or as part of a group photo. If you are asked for three photos but can only send two photos (the client and the target), don't worry; the psychometrist will still be able to supply you with a great deal of information about the target

If the situation includes multiple people — for instance you (the client), your mate (the target), and your mate's outside lover (a second target), you may be asked for those three photos plus a "couples shot" of you and the target. Again, if you cannot supply all four photos, don't fret, the psychommetrist will work with whatever photos are available, and may ask for the name of the outside lover, which will be read as a name written on paper.

Reading Clothing in Person or Via a Photograph

For more information, plus a list of AIRR Certified Clothing Readers and Body Readers, see the page on Stolisomancy

Stolisomancers, also called clothing readers, may read the clothing of people who appear before them, clothes that have been sent to them for consideration, or a photo of a person dressed in some distinctive clothing. In their readings, they take into account colour choices, pattern choices, and fashion choices, as well as contextual cultural cures associated with a specific tribal, regional, historical, social, political, or religious fashions.

Reading a Name Written on Paper via Psychometry

Some readers are able to psychometrize a name which they themselves have written down, and which has never been in direct physical or visual contact with the person about whom the inquiry is being made. When working in with this form of psychometry, the reader writes the name of the individual being asked about on a small piece of paper. Some readers may also ask for and add to the paper the birth date of the person about whom the inquiries are being made, and some add the zodiac sign as well. The reader then cups his or her hands over the paper or touches it with the flat of the hand to receive psychometric impressions.

Readers gifted for this work who have developed psychometry skills to a high degree, can receive a good deal of information about the subjects' current attitudes, thoughts, and emotions simply by reading the names that they have written on paper.

This method of divination by means of writing out a name and psychometrizing it superficially resembles Graphology or Handwriting Analysis because a name is written, but is not the same at all, because the subject's handwriting is not being analyzed.

Psychometry of a name written on paper is also not to be confused with reading a handwriting sample through psychometry because nothing belonging to or touched by the subject is present and what it being used to aid the reading is only the subject's name written on a piece of paper by the psychic reader.

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