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Authentic Hoodoo Fortune-Telling,
Divination, and Psychic Readings

Psychic Card Reading, Gifted Tarot Reading

A psychic reading the Tarot cards

Gifted psychic card readers and hoodoo card cutters use playing cards, oracle cards, or tarot cards to reveal love, money, health, protection, curses, and spiritual matters. They can tell tell your past, present, and future; provide a character analysis or life reading; give an annual "year reading"; or answer yes/no queries. (Read More...)

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Psychic, Intuitive, and Clairvoyant Reading

The gift of "Second Sight"

Psychic and intuitive readers may employ clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, empathic perceptions, and mediumship, and may augment their readings with traditional fortune telling tools like tarot cards, pendulums, tea leaves, astrology, or numerology. (Read More...)

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Palmistry, Cheiromancy, and Hand Reading

Palm Reader's hand

Cheiromancy, also known as Hand-Reading, Palmistry, Chirology, Palm-Reading, or Hand Analysis, is the art of fortune telling by studying the palm of the hand. Palmists use the shape, lines, mounds, and marks on the hand both for character analysis and to foretell the future for clients. (Read More...)

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Astrology, Horoscopes, Zodiac Charts, and Astromancy

The astrologer's Zodiac

Astrology or Star Readings include divination and character analysis based on the planets and signs of the zodiac. By reading horoscopes, astrologers evaluate decisions, determine the aptitudes and compatibilities of individuals, and give the best times for rootwork. (Read More...)

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Numerology and Lucky Numbers

Lucky Numbers

Numerology, Gematria, and Notarikon provide scriptural interpretation, character analysis, divination, and prediction based on numbers, and letters. A numerologist can give you name and birth date numerals for good fortune or lucky numbers for betting. (Read More...)

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Scrying, Crystal Ball Reading, Visionary Reading

A scryer's Crystal Ball‎

Psychic Readers who are gifted for scrying can induce spiritual visions in their minds, which may be both seen and heard. During a Scrying session, hoodoo psychic readers may focus on an object such as a crystal ball, a stone sphere, a natural crystal point, a pool of water or ink, a black mirror, or a scrying stone that helps them gain visionary insight. (Read More...)

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Psychic Cup Reading, Tea Leaf, Coffee Ground Reading

Fortune-telling Tea Cup

Tasseomancy, the reading of grounds or leaves in coffee or tea cups, is done after the querent has drunk the liquid. Some tea leaf readers use plain cups; others prefer fortune telling cups with astrological or card symbolism. The patterns made by the leaves or grounds are interpreted for the sitter by the tasseographer. (Read More...)

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Dowsing, Doodlebugging, and Water Witching

A dowser at work

Dowsers or water witches use a dowsing rod, sticks, doodlebug, pendulum, plumb bob, or divining rod to locate water wells, underground streams, oil reserves, lost septic tanks and leach fields, caves, utility lines, water and gas pipes, buried metals, ores, minerals, gemstones, people, pets, or missing objects. (Read More...)

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Pendulum Divination

An amethyst pendulum

A pendulum is a weighted object suspended from a cord, chain, or string. Pendulum readings provide quick, economical yes or no answers to your questions about love, money, children, career, curses, or protection. (Read More...)

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Psychic Body Reading, Phrenology, and Face Reading

Model Phrenology head

From bumps on the head to shape of the feet, the morphology of the human body is used by phrenologists to provide character analysis and advice to clients. Physiognomancy is divination through physical formations on the body, Phrenology reads the shape of the head, and Face Reading divines the structure of the face. (Read More...)

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Psychic Candle Reading, Ceromancy, and Wax Reading

Interpreting candle flames

Candle reading, also known as Ceromancy or Wax Reading, is a type of psychic prediction in which candles burned during worship, hoodoo rootwork, and magical spell-casting, are interpreted by the way they burn, the shapes the wax makes as it pools and runs, and how the spent vigil glass appears during and after the candle burning. (Read More...)

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Bibliomancy, Divination from the Bible or Other Books

Consulting the Bible

Bibliomancy means "divination by means of a book." As practiced during a spirit-led Southern-style hoodoo psychic reading, the Holy Bible, or another book containing passages of a sacred or mystical character, is asked a question. The book is then opened at random, and the portion selected is read as a psychic message from the realm of spirit to shed light upon the situation. (Read More...)

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Mediumship and Contact with the Dead

Mediums help clients communicate with spirits

Mediumship is a form of divination in which the medium transmits messages from spirits, most often the spirits of the dead. If you seek to re-establish communication with loved ones on the other side, a gifted medium can help re-forge this broken link. You may ask yes or no questions, ask for forgiveness or for guidance, or simply convey your love. (Read More ... )

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Spirit Board Divination

A spirit board

Spirit Board reading, also known as Ouija Board reading or Talking Board reading, is a practice in which predictions for the future, revelations about hidden matters, and seances with spirits of the dead are disclosed by means of the words spelled out or indicated to the reader through the movement of a planchette across a prepared alphabetic or alphanumeric board. (Read More...)

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Psychometry and Reading Objects

Psychometry of an old photograph

Psychometry is the art of receiving information from physical objects such as photographs, jewelry, or clothing. Psychometrists may see experiences that the individual in the photograph has had, or give clues to the individual's whereabouts. Jewelry and other objects may reveal information about the people who owned, wore or used them. (Read More...)

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Throwing the Bones and Reading Natural Curios

Divining bones, shells, and nuts

Thrown, cast, and marked readings are performed by gifted psychic readers to answer life's questions. Traditional curios used by Southern-style hoodoo doctors and spirit-led fortune tellers include cast or thrown sets of bones, stones, coins, stalks, or shells. (Read More...)

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Obi and Diloggun Divination

Cowrie shell reading

Obi divination is a quick and easy form of West African fortune-telling using four coconut pieces, four cowrie shells, or four coins. Diloggun divination is used by initiates in the African Diasporic religion of La Regla de Ocha to ask questions of the Orishas. (Read More...)

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Graphology and Handwriting Analysis

Character analysis through handwriting

Graphology enables us see personality traits, moral fiber, strengths and weaknesses, talents, and physical health by examining the handwriting. Graphology is an aid to self-analysis, but more often handwriting experts help clients learn more about the hidden character of a friend, spouse, or potential employee. (Read More...)

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Muscle Testing and Spiritual Kinesiology

Reading Your Body

Muscle Testing and Spiritual Kinesiology open our consciousness to our inner thoughts and help us better understand our physical and spiritual needs by observing how our bodies react to questions we pose or objects we hold in our hands. (Read More...)

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Geomantic figures

Geomancy, which means "earth divination," is an ancient Arabic oracle based on the creation and interpretation of characters formed from a combination of marks or dots drawn in the dirt or in sand. (Read More...)

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I Ching Divination, the Book of Changes

I Ching Trigrams

Fortune telling with the ancient Chinese I Ching, or Book of Changes, is often used when action is required. The I Ching reader uses yarrow stalks or coins to create one of 64 hexagrams, with an additional 256 "line" readings to offer deeper detail. (Read More...)

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Interpretations of Dreams, Signs, and Omens

A dream of warning

Dreams, signs and omens are all around us, but not all of us are gifted to read them. When the signs may point toward something unexpected or unwanted in life, you may wish to seek a second opinion from a gifted dream interpreter or omen diviner who can tell you the meaning of what has been revealed. (Read More...)

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Runic Divination, Reading Norse Runes

A psychic reader's bag of Rune Stones

Runes are letters of the old Norse alphabet or futhark. When psychic readers use Norse runes to answer questions, predict future trends, or tell fortunes, the runes may be cast by the diviner on your behalf or you may be asked to close your eyes and select one of more runes from a cloth or leather sack. (Read More...)

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Feng Shui Divination

A Feng Shui chart

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of divining or reading the energetic patterns found in the landscape and within buildings and prescribing structural and positional changes to these features for the benefit of those who live and work in these spaces. (Read More...)

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Divination with an Egg

An egg floated in water for divination

Egg Divination may be performed on its own or as an adjunct to a spiritual cleansing, to determine the efficacy and the outcome of the work. After an in-person cleansing with an egg, a reading may be performed with the same egg that was used for the cleansing. (Read More...)

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Who We Are

Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers (AIRR)

The AIRR logo is your assurance of quality services

The Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers (AIRR) is a group of professional practitioners of African American folk magic, hoodoo, conjure, and rootwork who provide psychic readings and spiritual root doctoring services to the public. AIRR promotes quality service and ethical conduct by means of peer-reviewed accreditation. (Read More...)

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Meet the Members of AIRR

A quick introduction to all the members of AIRR

AIRR is a large and eclectic psychic readers' and spell-casters' directory with many members, each of whom has special gifts, talents, skills, and areas of interest in this work. On this page you can quickly scan through all of our names, see a picture of each AIRR member, and learn exactly what services we offer -- then click the name-link to read a full biography. (Read More...)

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The Code of Ethics of AIRR: the Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers

A Code of Ethical Conduct Guides for the Associates of AIRR

The AIRR code of ethics helps us serve clients and maintain the integrity of our profession. We are committed to having an ongoing working relationship with you, and we intend to give you our best service. Our Code of Ethics is available for the public to read. If you have any questions about the conduct of our members, please feel free to contact us. (Read More...)

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Association of Independent Spiritual Churches

AIRR goes to church

The members of AIRR are accomplished seers and conjure doctors who assist clients using African American hoodoo magic -- but they come to their practices from diverse cultural backgrounds and work within a variety of religious traditions. AIRR was formed in 2007 as a committee of the Association of Independent Spiritual Churches denomination, to provide services to clients from all spiritual paths. (Read More...)

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What We Do

Divination and Fortune Telling

Fortune tellers describe the future

Divination, fortune-telling, reading, divining, prophesying, telling futures, seeing by Spirit, and oracular disclosure are varied names for the process by which the present or future circumstances of a person, place, relationship, or object may be glimpsed, understood, or predicted. (Read More...)

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Hoodoo Conjure Witchcraft Rootwork

Hoodoo workers will cast magic spells for you
Hoodoo is African American folk magic developed in the Southern USA through the convergence of African, Native American, European, and Near Eastern religious, spiritual, and magical practices. It is known by various regional names like "conjure," "rootwork," "root doctoring," "working roots," "tricking," "helping yourself," "using that stuff," and "doing the work." (Read More...)

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How We Can Help

Suggestions For Clients

Helpful hints for those who are new to psychic lines or internet-based spell-casters

If you are wondering, "How can I find the BEST reader or rootworker for my case?" this page will function as a useful guide. If you are a first-time caller to a telephone-based psychic or a first-time client to an internet-based spell-caster, this list of tips and suggestions for clients will teach you how we operate, both as a group of readers and root doctors, and as individual psychic advisors and spiritual practitioners. (Read More...)

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The Crystal Silence League Prayer Chain!

The Crystal Silence League is a free online prayer service
The Crystal Silence League is a free international prayer chain network founded in 1919 to distribute affirmative prayer and helpful thoughts to all in need. Under the sponsorship of the Association of Independent Spiritual Churches, members of the CSL will pray for you in the spirit of joyful anticipation that YOU will be graced with all you require and desire in life. (Read More...)

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Metaphysical Authors in AIRR

AIRR Members write books on magic
In addition to providing psychic readings and custom rootwork for clients, many of the members of the Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers teach classes, provide personal magical coaching, and write instructional and inspirational books on various aspects of metaphysics. This page lists all of AIRR's published authors and the occult titles they have written. (Read More...)

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Radio Podcasters in AIRR!

Listen to our podcasts for free spells and free readings
Many associates of AIRR are teachers, book authors, and radio personalities -- and a significant number of them host and guest-star on weekly radio podcasts sponsored by the LMC Radio Network. Several of these programs showcase community seers and workers who discuss magical topics, give free readings, offer magical coaching, and present detailed hoodoo spell suggestions on-air to members of the public who call in with questions. (Read More...)

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Video Webcasters in AIRR

A complete list of the webcasters in AIRR
Several AIRR members sponsor, produce, and broadcast their own internet video shows and webinars on magic, divination, spell-casting, religion, spirituality, political justice, environmental stewardship, and world-wide folklore, featuring hosts, co-hosts, or on-air guests from the Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers. (Read More...)

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Teachers, Classes, and Courses in the Magical, Mystical, and Spiritual Arts

A complete list of the teachers in AIRR

Many of the Readers and Rootworkers of AIRR have chosen to meet the needs of clients who seek education on their magical and spiritual journey. The teachers of AIRR bring our living traditions into the hands of the next generation of magical coaches and spiritual guides with in-person and distance learning programs. (Read More...)

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Spiritual Suppliers in AIRR

A working root doctor's spiritual supply shelves

Quite a few members of AIRR provide oils, incense, sachet powders, baths, teas, candles, and other preparations to the public, without requiring a reading or a contract for rootwork services. If you are a home practitioner, these spiritual supply companies offer finely made and authentic goods. (Read More ... )

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Study Hoodoo Online with Video Workshops from AIRR

We Teach Folk Magic via Streaming Video

Individual Hoodoo Heritage Festival workshops and accompanying pdf lecture notes and instructions are available for purchase! Take classes, watch hands-on demonstrations, and view panel discussions about African-American conjure. Learn spells and take your rootwork to a new level! Study practical divination and fortune telling! Explore the beauty of worldwide folk religions! Grab these economical classes and study at your own pace. (Read More ... )

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The Annual Hoodoo Heritage Festival

Learn Spell-Casting from Hands-On Teachers

Conjure and other forms of folk magic have deep roots in our communities. The traditional way to learn is from an experienced practitioner. Members of AIRR come together to teach intensive programs on spell casting and divination, open to the public. You do not need a previous background in magic to attend; we are here to teach you. Come join us at the Hoodoo Heritage Festival! (Read More...)

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Hoodoo and Conjure Spell-Casting
for all Conditions and Situations

Love Drawing, Romance, Marriage, Fidelity, Reuniting, and Reconciliation

Love, romance, fidelity, and reconciliation spells

Do you want a suitable partner for marriage and family, a romantic lover for a casual fling, or help saving a troubled relationship? Hoodoo love spells can draw sexual desire in your marriage, re-unite you with an ex-lover, or bring harmony to a quarrelsome marriage. (Read More...)

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Prosperity, Money Drawing, Business, and Gambling Luck

Money drawing spells

Money spells and prosperity rootwork help with business, sales, and career success; income from an inheritance; job-getting and job promotion; casino, lottery, and gambling luck; repayment of loans; and legal settlements involving financial recompense, insurance pay-outs, and disability compensation. (Read More...)

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Blessing, Cleansing, Healing, and Tranquility

Healing, blessing, tranquility, and cleansing
Hoodoo blessing spells are employed to gain favour for new ventures, such as moving into a new home or giving birth to children. Cleansing spells remove negative conditions. Healing spells address physical and mental ills. Tranquility spells calm homes or bring peace to a restless mind. (Read More...)

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Career Success, Personal Power, Mastery, and Wisdom

Hoodoo spells for business and career

If you wish to increase individual mastery, leadership, success, and personal power, a hoodoo rootworker or conjure doctor can cast career success, personal power, mastery, and wisdom spells to help you gain authority and strength of character. (Read More...)

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Protection From Enemies, Warding Off Evil, and Safe Travel

Protection spells
Spiritual protection spells ward off enemy magical works, personal or locational hauntings, generational curses, hag-riding, and the evil eye. Physical protection spells protect clients located in a bad neighborhood, those in fear of a violence, and people worried about travel safety. (Read More...)

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Jinx Breaking, Uncrossing, Reversing, and Road Opening

Uncrossing and reversing candle spell

Hoodoo rootworkers cast spells for uncrossing, jinx-breaking, and curse removal when clients have been under spiritual attack from a known or unknown enemy or spirit and are unable to get clear of the condition by themselves. Hex-breaking may include reversing a curse back to the sender. (Read More...)

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Court Cases, Legal Matters, and Keeping Off the Law

Court case and legal spellwork does not replace hiring competent counsel
Law keep away spells are employed by those who do not wish to attract unwanted attention to their business. Court case and mediation spells can help defendants and plaintiffs in civil or criminal legal cases, as well as those who wish to reach out-of-court settlements. (Read More...)

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Spirituality, Psychism, Mental Influence, and Dreaming

A spiritual seer pierces the veil of mundane reality
Spiritual spells assist personal growth and metaphysical understanding. Dream work includes spells to communicate with others while they sleep and spells to cultivate the power of dreaming true. Mental influence spells work through telepathic suggestion. (Read More...)

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Crossing, Jinxing, Hot Footing, Revenge, and Break Ups

Hot foot, jinxing, and break-up spells

Jinxing, hot footing, and revenge spells can cause couples to argue and fight, bring bad luck and trouble, make people wander the earth and never find a home, cause businesses to lose money, drive off customers, and bring about sickness and even death. (Read More...)

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Rootwork Spell-Casting:
How Hoodoo and Conjure Doctors Work for Clients

Magical Traditions

AIRR workers walk many magical paths
Magical traditions are collections of rituals, prayers, spell casting and other spiritual means of affecting change in the physical world. Found in all around the planet, magical traditions often have connections to religious traditions or divinatory traditions, and reflect the cultural values from which they originate.

(Read More...)

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Spell Casting

Potent Spells
Spells cast by a professional hoodoo rootworker utilize magical materials and objects linked to an individual, a situation, or a condition to affect changes in the world. Spells may include prayer, hoodoo roots, conjure curios, ritual oils, vigil candles, and petitions to spirits. (Read More...)

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Altar Work and Prayers

We will pray for you
Altars range from the ornate and adorned styles found in magnificent cathedrals to humble home altars set out on small tables or nightstands. Altar work is the term conjure doctors use for magical rites or rootwork rituals we perform at an altar as we seek the intercession of spirit, by means of prayer. (Read More...)

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Candle Spells, Vigil Lights, and Lamps

We will Set Lights for you
Spell-casting with candles or lamps is performed by Southern-style hoodoo root doctors on behalf of clients to help in love, protection, money, and health. The colour of the candle or lamp oil, the magical herbs and ritual oils used, and the altar setup will vary according to candle worker's purposes. (Read More...)

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Mojo Bags, Conjure Hands, Nation Sacks, and Jack Balls

Red Flannel Mojo Bag containing Roots, Herbs, and Minerals
Mojo hands, trick bags, gris-gris, jomos, conjure sacks, tobies, jack balls, and nation sacks are charm-spells prepared in a bag or ball by a hoodoo rootwork practitioner to carry on your person for good luck, a happier love-life, more money, protection from evil, increased personal power, or a better job. (Read More...)

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Doll Babies, Voodoo Dolls, and Poppets

A doll baby
Doll-babies, dollies, voodoo dolls, and poppets are figural images constructed by hoodoo rootworkers and intended to represent human beings upon whom a magical spell is to be cast or for whom spiritual work is to be performed. They can be used for magic spells of protection, healing, love-drawing, money-attraction, legal cases, or cursing. (Read More...)

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Knot Spells, Tying, Binding, and Cord Cutting

Knot spells tie and bind
Magical knots, ties, braids, and binding are undertaken to create spiritual effects of connection or immobilization, while cord cutting spells are used to spearte those who have been tied or bound.(Read More...)

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Spiritual Cleansing and Bathing

Spiritual Cleansing
Spiritual Cleansing and Bathing improves your spiritual, mental, and emotional nature by removing negative elements carried due to mundane accumulation or the hurtful acts of an enemy. Spiritual cleansing may improve physical comfort, and provide protection and increased well-being. (Read More...)

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Contained Spells, Honey Jars, Bottle Spells

A hoodoo Honey Jar Love Spell
Southern style hoodoo container spells are essentially little worlds in which magical events are enacted which in turn affect the situation targeted. Hoodoo rootworkers can create mojo bags, conjure hands, bottle spells, honey jars, and vinegar jar spells for you. (Read More...)

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Oils, Incense, Sachet Powders, Baths, Teas, and Other Preparations

Spiritual supplies

Hoodoo root doctors prescribe herbal or mineral salt baths; spiritual herb teas; herbal and mineral floor washes and laundry additives; hoodoo perfumes, colognes, and room sprays; resin or herb incenses; anointing oils, hoodoo oils, ritual oils, and conjure oils. (Read More...)

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Magical Talismans, Amulets, Charms, and Enchanted Jewelry

A magical talisman
Magical talismans are amulets or charms created to carry, draw, or amplify a specific quality in life, such as protection, prosperity, or love-luck. Talismanic curios may be inscribed with ancient signs, seals, sigils, or words written in magical alphabets. (Read More...)

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Working with Spirits:
Ancestors, Angels, Deities, and Saints

Venerating the Spirits
Spirit work involves obtaining the psychic aid of entities such as archangels, saints, deities, ancestors and the dead; the spirit of the crossroads; guardian angels; the spirits of places, animals, plants, water sources; and beings other than humans. (Read More...)

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Working at the Crossroads

The Crossroads
The crossroads is land that belongs to no one, a place outside the borders of town, which is a suitable site to perform traditional hoodoo magical rituals or cast spells. (Read More...)

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Working in the Graveyard

A rural cemetery
The spirits of the dead, either as spirit contacts within the Spiritualist Tradition or as embodied in their graveyard dirt, can be very helpful to rootworkers both in the performance of spiritual work as well as casting spells. (Read More...)

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Magical Coaching and Spiritual Advice

A magical coach helps you to help yourself
Magical Coaching is a service offered by root doctors to clients who pay for personal one-on-one hoodoo teaching. During the appointment, you will receives advice on how to recite effective prayers or perform your own rootwork spells, conjure tricks, or rituals. (Read More...)

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Hypnosis for Self-Improvement

Hypnotism and self-hypnosis or auto-suggestion are time-proved methods to develop a new approach to life, move past bad habits, and gain control of your life. A hypnotism coach can help you get started with using the untapped powers of your own mind on your journey to a better life. (Read More...)

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Rootwork and Religion:
How Faith-Based Conjure Doctors Work for Clients

Religious Traditions

AIRR Associates serve adherents of all religions
AIRR serves a multi-cultural clientele including adherents of Christianity, African Traditional and Diasporic religions, Judaism, Paganism and Neo-Paganism, Buddhism, Taoism, Spiritualism, Hinduism, Native American religions, New Thought, and Islam. (Read More...)

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African Traditional and Diasporic Religions

A Haitian Vodou blessing ceremony

Africa is a vast continent and has given rise to many religious traditions, each with its own pantheon. Most of the African religions also embrace traditions of divination as well as magical traditions. (Read More...)

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A Shingon Buddhist altar in Japan

Buddhism is a religious and philosophical tradition encompassing a variety of beliefs and practices, largely based on teachings attributed to Siddhartha Gautama, commonly known as the Buddha, which means "the awakened one." (Read More...)

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A Christian church altar with a cross

Christianity is a group of religious traditions that developed from the religion of Judaism. Its major tenet is belief in the status of Jesus Christ, the Son of God as the Messiah or anointed one. (Read More...)

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A home altar for the Hindu god Ganesh

Hinduism is the predominant and indigenous religious tradition of the Indian Subcontinent. Hinduism is known to its followers as Sanātana Dharma (a Sanskrit phrase meaning "the eternal law" and "the eternal law that sustains, upholds, and surely preserves." (Read More...)

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Islamic calligraphy of the names of Allah

Islam is a monotheistic religion set forth in scriptural form in the Qur’an or Koran, a text considered by its adherents to be the verbatim word of God, whose name in Arabic is Allah. (Read More...)

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A Reform Judaism Synagogue in Hungary

Judaism is the religion, philosophy, and way of life of the Jews, a group of Semitic people with historical origins in the Middle East. Characteristics of Jewish religious, divinatory, and magical traditions are the veneration of the deity JHVH, also known as Yahweh or Jehovah, and the use of several books of scriptures known as the Tanakh or Jewish Bible. (Read More...)

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Native American Religions

The Great Serpent Mound of the Adena tribe, in Ohio

Traditional Native American religions exhibit a great deal of diversity because they were spread out across the entire breadth of the North American continent for thousands of years prior to invasion and colonization by primarily European forces. Given such a vast territory, it is only to be expected that there are vast differences of beliefs and practices between tribes. (Read More...)

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New Age

The Golden Temple of the Ascended Masters

The New Age Movement iincludes a range of spiritual and religious beliefs and practices that came into being in Europe and the Americas from the 1870s through the 1970s, and continue to the present day as a religious tradition, a magical tradition and a way of working with spirits, angels, and the Divine Source. (Read More...)

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New Thought

A Church of Religious Science in North Carolina

New Thought, also known as the New Thought Movement, consists of a number of loosely linked religious and secular groups and individuals who adhere to the principle that thought can influence outcomes. (Read More...)

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Paganism and Neo-Paganism

A Swedish village gathers around the Midsummer pole

Neo-Paganism or Neopaganism, sometimes known as Contemporary Paganism or simply Paganism, is an umbrella term used to identify a wide variety of modern religious movements, particularly those influenced by or claiming to be derived from the various Pagan beliefs of pre-modern Europe. (Read More...)

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Starlight Spiritual Cathedral in Oakland, California

Spiritualism is a religion centered around the belief that spirits of the dead are able to communicate with the living, whether via dreams or other signs, or through the assistance of a gifted spirit medium. Thus, Spiritualism is first and foremost a belief, and then, secondarily, a set of religious traditions. (Read More...)

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A Taoist Temple in California

Taoism or Daoism is a mingled religious and philosophical tradition that originated in China, in which the basic concept is that adherents seek to establish harmony with the Tao, which is the mechanism of everything that exists. The word "Tao" or "Dao" literally means "nature," but in English it is usually translated as "way," "path," or "principle. (Read More...)

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Spiritual Resources for Our Clients

The Book of Psalms

The Book of Psalms
The Book of Psalms is one of the most loved portions of the Jewish Bible, and is equally revered in the Old Testament of the Christian Bible. Your spiritual counsellor may provide you with spiritual supplies that have been blessed through the recitation of Psalms, or instruct you in the use of Psalms in rootwork. (Read More...)

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The Recitation of Surahs

The Holy Quran
The verses and chapters of the Holy Qur'an of Islam provide guidance towards divine truth, but it is also well known that recitation of the Surahs are reputed to offer hidden benefits for those who are familiar with their use in matters such as protection, house blessing, love, business, and the restoration of rights. (Read More...)

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The AIRR Pro Bono Fund

We provide services to those in need

Working through the Pro Bono Committee, the Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers, offers a limited number of psychic reading sessions, hoodoo spiritual supplies, altar services, and conjure spell casting free of charge to those in financial need. (Read More...)

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The AIRR Tech Team

We write this web site!

The AIRR Tech Team is a volunteer-run program of AIRR in which technically adept associates with writing and graphic design skills donate an hour or more per week toward maintaining, upgrading, and developing new aspects of the AIRR web site and its public outreach programs. (Read More...)

Learn About the AIRR Tech Team Now!

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