Our Lady Maria Dolorosa

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Maria Dolorosa, also known as Maria Dolorosa del Monte Calvario

Our Lady Maria Dolorosa is an image of the Virgin Mary with her heart pierced by swords. Maria Dolorosa del Monte Calvario, literally Sorrowful Mary of Mount Calvary, is often surrounded by jewels and flaming hearts, or milagros in the shape of hearts, and is depicted with a sword piercing her own heart. She is the Patron Saint of the Congregation of the Holy Cross and of the state Mississippi. Her Feast day is September 15th.

One of the images associated with the Seven Sorrows of Mary, Maria Dolorosa evokes the suffering of a mother for the death of her child, and the suffering of the Mother of Mankind for the sins and sorrows of the world. Our Lady Maria Dolorosa is the image of The Virgin Mother Mary as she witnessed her son Jesus Christ crucified on Mount Calvary. Her devotees call on Her for healing from sorrow and disappointment, especially in love; for drawing a healthy love into their lives; or for nourishing broken dreams.

Maria Dolorosa is always depicted with an expression of deep sorrow on her face and a sword piercing her heart. She wears the traditional Marian colors of white and blue, with a gold halo around her head. In the African Diasporic religion of Voodoo, which has been syncretized with Catholic practices, including the veneration of Catholic Church saints, Our Lady Maria Dolorosa and Our Lady of Lourdes are associated with the lwa Erzuli Freda.

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