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Raziel, whose name translates to "Secrets of G-d" or “G-d is my mystery”, is an angel of revelation. Raziel is the "Angel of Secrets" and the "Angel of Mysteries”. He is also called "Keeper of All Magic." Raziel's mission is to act as the "transmitter of occult and hidden secrets.”

Raziel brings the words of humans to heaven and, hearing what is said and discussed in the celestial realm, brings decrees back to humankind (Targum Kohelet 10:20). At times, Raziel is identified with the angel Galitzur (Malachei Elyon 180).

Some say Raziel is a Cherubim. Others say an Ophanim. Maimonides counted ten different types of angels (rather than seven) and some say Raziel is the chief of a class of angel known as “Erelim.”

Raziel shields the guardian angels from the fiery breath of the Chayyot as they stand around the Throne of Glory (BhM 1:58-61). In the Zoharic literature, Raziel seems to embody the sefirot of Tiferet (Zohar Hadash 99:3). However, some have chosen to associate Raziel with Chokhmah.

Raziel the author

Raziel provided a manual, the Book of Raziel (Sefer Raziel)*, to the the primordial couple (Zohar I:55a). It was reportedly inscribed on sapphire. Initially it was given to Seraph, then Metatron, and then to Adam.

The Cherubim were upset that this knowledge was given to Adam and these angels descended to Earth in order to steal the book. To ensure that the book would never be found, the angels threw it into the ocean. However, G-d ordered the archangel Raphael (or Rahab, depending on who you ask) to retrieve it and give it to Noah in order to protect him during the flood.

Eventually, this New York Times Bestseller, was given to King Solomon by a Babylonian prince.

  • There are actually two similar, but different books: Sefer Raziel (Book of Raziel) and Sefer Raziel ha-Malach (Book of Raziel, the Angel) and they are have been conflated with each other for the last 700 years.
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