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The power of rebellion through optimism

The Temple of Miriam the Prophetess of Seattle, Washington, is a member church of the Association of Independent Spiritual Churches.

We are a spiritual temple for all people. We venerate Miriam the Prophetess of the Torah / Old Testament, daughter of Jochebed, and sister of Moses. While rooted in Judaism, we do not subscribe to a sacerdotal kohanic or rabbinical system. Our guiding principle is that the laity has direct access to the divine deity without the need for clergy or intermediaries, since we are all spiritual equals. The values the Temple of Miriam the Prophetess embodies is that of divine feminine strength: the ability to forge ahead despite, pain, obstacles and despair with such profound, unshakable faith that a joyous future is always possible—an optimism so great that one should be prepared to dance with tambourines at any time. Miriam also embodies rebellion against injustice, subjugation, oppression, depression, apathy, and hopelessness. Miriam was the first Biblical figure to stand up for the rights of black women.

If you need spiritual assistance, let us help privately advise you, set lights on your behalf, assist you in making your prayers, petitions, magic, and spell casting even more successful. We also set memorial, and ancestral or yahrzeit candles on your behalf. We perform candle divination for each light setting, psalmic magic, and offer altar work. Services and products can be found at the TempleOfMiriam.com web site.

Contact Information

Dr. Jeremy Weiss

Temple of Miriam the Prophetess
Seattle, Washington

Please note that we are located in the Pacific Time Zone in Washington. We appreciate your taking any time differences into consideration when you call. Please pre-schedule telephone and in-person readings, and hands-on cleansings.

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