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An egg floated in water for divination

Egg Divination, also known as Oomancy, may be performed on its own or as an adjunct to a spiritual cleansing, to determine the efficacy and the outcome of the work. If the cleansing was an in-person cleansing with an egg, the divination is performed with the same egg that was used for the cleansing. There are many methods of egg divination, each one traditional to a certain culture, passed down in a family lineage, or deemed appropriate to looking into certain conditions.


Egg Divination to Ascertain the Evil Eye

An egg broken open for divination
A diviner's egg and water-glass

When reading an egg to determine whether a client has been given the evil eye, a whole raw egg in the shell is passed over the client's body. This is generally done according to a traditional pattern of work, and the egg is gently rolled along the skin surface from the top of the body to the waist, along both arms from shoulder to fingers, and down both legs to the toes and heels. The egg may then be placed under the bed, on the mantelpiece, or on an altar to be examined the next day, or it may immediately be cracked into a clear glass bowl or into a glass tumbler or bowl that is half filled with water. If the egg is placed under the client's bed, the worker returns the next day to crack it open, either into a bowl or into a tumbler or bowl of water, in order to examine the contents.

Nordic Egg Divination

In Nordic-style egg divination, only the white of the egg is used. The egg is carefully pierced and the white is blown out into a clean glass of water. It is left to sit until the next day, by which time the white will have formed patterns which are interpreted much after the manner of scrying. Nordic egg divination can be performed in person or at a distance, at the discretion of the reader.

Egg Divination on a Secret Problem

Another type of egg divination is performed by asking the client to hold a whole raw egg cradled in both hands while focusing on his or her question or most pressing life problem. The client should spend some time in meditation of the issue with eyes closed, then open the eyes to signal readiness for the answer. The client is then instructed to immediately break the egg into a glass or bowl of water provided by the reader, and the egg is examined for marks that may indicate the answer to the client's question or the solution to the client's problem. This form of egg divination is especially popular with clients who see their readers in person and who do not wish to reveal the situation that is troubling them.

Egg Divination in Person

The most common form of in-person divination with an egg is that which is performed in order to determine the efficacy of an in-person egg cleansing. The egg that was rolled over the client's body to remove negative conditions is cracked into a bowl or glass of water and read; if the signs are good, the work is considered to be finished, but if there are unfortunate marks on the egg, the egg must be disposed of at once and the ceremony of egg-rolling repeated -- several times if necessary -- until a "good egg" is the result of the divination.

Egg Divination at a Distance

Egg divination may also be performed at a distance, to determine whether a client has been cursed or is a victim of the evil eye. This is particularly true of Nordic style egg divination, but it is also performed as the conclusion to a rite of spiritual cleansing with an egg from a distance in order to see how well the work has succeeded.

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