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The LMC Radio Network is a proud sponsor of the Association of the Independent Readers and Rootworkers
The LMC Radio Network is a proud sponsor of the Association of the Independent Readers and Rootworkers

The LMC Radio Network sponsors a number of weekly internet-radio shows on topics as wide ranging as religion, spirituality, magic, divination, political justice, environmental stewardship, and world-wide folklore, many of them featuring hosts, co-hosts, or on-air guests from the AIRR web site, and from The Crystal Silence League.

Several of our programs showcase seers and rootworkers from the community giving free readings and hoodoo spell suggestions on-air to members of the public who call in with questions. Some also feature interviews with spiritual and magical practitioners or "open mike" time where you can ask questions or contribute your own opinions.

The LMC Radio Network is also a sponsor of the The Association of Independent Spiritual Churches (AISC) annual Hoodoo Heritage Festival.

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