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Every year during the month of MAY, the Association of Independent Spiritual Churches sponsors an annual Hoodoo Heritage Festival in Forestville, California.

This event provides a high-energy space for home practitioners, professional readers and conjure doctors, and interested members of the public to get together, socialize, and take hands-on workshops from members of AIRR and other well-known rootworkers.

These classes in African American folk magic, root work, and hoodoo will teach you practical tricks and tips to take your conjure work to a new level of confidence and knowledge. In addition to spell casting, we also showcase the mystery and magic of world-wide folk religions.

Continental breakfast and Southern-style cafeteria lunch are included in the price of each day's ticket. Saturday night, the Presenters Banquet gives attendees an opportunity to sit down and share a meal and conversation with our workshop leaders, authors, and teachers.

A Reader's Tent, sponsored by Hoodoo Psychics, will feature an array of AIRR members using a variety of divinatory tools, from tarot cards, Bibliomancy, and bone reading to geomancy and crystal balls.

Therapeutic massage bookings are also available during the course of the weekend in a private massage tent courtesy of Hoodoo Psychics.

Registration for classes begins during the month of JANUARY. Pre-payment is by Paypal. We encourage folks to sign up well ahead of the event.

To read news about the HOODOO HERITAGE FESTIVAL WORKSHOPS, go to the Hoodoo Heritage Festival Workshops site.

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