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Bless up! They call me Doctor Beverley and I’m here to assist you. I am a first generation Caribbean American raised on the East coast in a fundamentalist Protestant Christian household and was a Bible scholar by age 7. By the age of 9, I was Holy Ghost baptized and a junior deaconess in my church. I have a talent for memorization and an oratory gift. I am a Taurus with deep connections to land, plant, and animal energies. But being able to see and commune with earth and plant spirits (like sprites) wasn’t acceptable to my parents nor my church and I learned early to hide my intuitive spiritual gifts from them. However, I was a curious and voracious reader, and from a young age informally studied various theological philosophies and religious teachings. Upon adulthood, I rekindled my interest in the occult and magical systems, achieved formal initiation into the Druidic Craft of the Wise (American Rite) and mentored many students and teachers in that discipline for nearly two decades. During this time, my love for the Tarot and other oracles was reawakened.

Hand-crafted Mirror Box ready for burial
Hand-crafted Mirror Box ready for burial
My Prosperity altar
My Prosperity altar
One of my bone sets and reading cloths
One of my bone sets and reading cloths
tA Revenge Spell and Curse
tA Revenge Spell and Curse
thOne of my bone sets for divination
thOne of my bone sets for divination
A Court Case Candle spell for Justice
A Court Case Candle spell for Justice

While I have been retired from the DCW for several years, my desire to help people has not waned and I continue to practice the divinatory skils and natural medicine that I learned as a Druid. A couple of years ago, I discovered that I have a strong affinity for the divination style of “throwing the bones,” Sangoma-style. I’m happy to schedule a Tarot card or bone reading to help reveal the answers you seek. A dedicated yogi, I meditate on most days and firmly believe that with prayer and meditation, self-reflection, and divination, the Seeker will always find answers.

I’m a natural empath and have a soft spot in my heart for sex workers, gamblers, and others involved in “the sporting life.” Not being a judgemental or moralistic person and not easily offended or shocked, I feel an easy comraderie with marginalized people, people who may be operating on another level, people who may be on the fringes of “respectable” society. Having a strong sense of justice, I believe that everyone deserves understanding, equality, prosperity, and a fair shot. If there is any way I can be of service, don’t hesitate to ask.

All my life I have been interested in herbs, roots, aromatherapy, and natural healing. I’m available to recommend custom rootwork prescriptions for all your spiritual and magical needs. As a stained glass artist, I create stunning, effective one-of-a-kind mirror boxes for graveyard work. Doll babies are painstakingly hand sewn to your specifications. Honey pots and other sweetening/attraction work are a joy for me. I am proficient at designing mojo hands, particularly for gambling and protection. If fixed candles and candle lighting spellwork are needed, I am here for you. And because justice, accountability, and karma are so important to me, revenge and curse work come easily to me.

I’m Doctor Beverley, at your service. Thank you.

You may read more about me at my Doctor Beverley website.

Contact Information

Doctor Beverley
Southern California

Hours: I do not keep set business hours, but readings are generally given between 2:00 PM and 6:00 PM Pacific Time, Wednesday through Friday, by appointment.

Please note that I am located in the Pacific Time Zone in California. I appreciate you taking any time differences into consideration when you call.

How to Pay for and Schedule an Appointment with Me

You may book my services online, using Paypal as a payment method:

Book a psychic reading, spiritual counselling, conjure consultation, or hoodoo rootwork services with Doctor Beverley

On the day and time scheduled for your reading, you should call me at 909-338-4411. This number is not for making appointments (they are booked online) but it is for scheduled readings and rootwork consultations.

My telephone and in-person reading schedule may be booked as long as one week in advance. If you want an in-person palmistry or tarot card reading, please schedule ahead.

If scheduling an email reading, please allow seven days (one week) for receipt of your reading.


Readings and Spiritual Consultations:

I offer several forms of divination, psychic readings, spiritual consultations, magical coaching, and practical advice:

I am available for pre-scheduled readings, in person and by telephone.

  • Yes / No pre-scheduled reading, one question, less than 10 minutes: $10.00
  • 10 minute pre-scheduled reading, consultation or magical coaching: $20.00
  • 30 minute pre-scheduled reading, consultation or magical coaching: $35.00
  • 60 minute pre-scheduled reading, consultation or magical coaching: $60.00
  • Detailed email or hard-copy reading for you to keep: $75.00

For the price of a one-hour consultation I will instruct you on how to do conjure work yourself if you wish. I will give you a list of everything you need to perform your spell, and instruct you on the procedure. You may take hand-written notes or record the consultation for future reference.

Rootwork and Conjure:

  • The cost of setting vigil lights in the church is $25.00 per candle, and includes an email candle glass divination report.
  • Mojo bags are $50.00 for regular and $75.00 for triple strength.
  • Doll Babies fixed for any condition are $75.00. You must send personal concerns and/or a photograph of the person, plus the person's name and birthdate written on a small piece of paper.
  • Bottle Spells, Honey Jars, and Vinegar Jar Spells can be contracted at the rate of $100.00 per month's worth of altar work.
  • Mirror Boxes with Burial are $200.00.
  • Hands-On Egg-Cleansings are $200.00 plus travel costs.
  • Hands-On House Cleansings and Business Cleansings are $400.00 plus travel costs.

Please contact me to discuss rates for other forms of rootwork.

Divination, Readings, and Spiritual Advice Offered

Hoodoo, Conjure, and Spiritual Rootwork

Client Condition and Situation Specialties



Ms Beverly helped bring peace and calm to my home and family. My mentally ill adult son refuses diagnosis or treatment. He was getting really bad most of the time. Ms Beverly made a honey pot for him, and still has it working. My son has been free of his anxiety, delusions, etc. for some months now. Ms Beverly gave him back his peace, and gave us back our son. - James S.-F.

Beverley helped me when my ex was being unreasonable about our breakup and about our children. It’s important to me that we’re able to cooperate without involving lawyers. The honey jar that Beverley worked for my ex is keeping him civil and more reasonable than he normally tends to be. I had my doubts, but it really seems to do the trick. I appreciate her help. - M.I.

Doc Bev’s conjure oil “Not Today, Satan” is a staple on my Justice altar and is a part of my personal protection arsenal. No perfumes, which is good for my sensitive skin. I love it and swear by it. – S. Clark

I’ve known Beverley for several years. She’s read the tarot on my birthday every year forever. We’re good friends, but she never fails to give me the hard truth. She will always be honest, whatever the message may be. She’ll always be real, no matter what. I trust her. – Monica P.

My wife and I wanted a house blessing. We’re pagans and wanted someone who could work within our eclectic beliefs, and do a traditional house protection. Doctor Beverley worked with us to create a custom ritual that was meaningful and allowed us to get involved. Her prices weren’t bad, especially since she traveled to us to do the blessing. We’d recommend her any time. – J&D

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