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I am Ms. Melanie, a Spiritualist, Clairvoyant, and Traditional Rootworker. My job here on earth is to help you! I stand for Honesty, even when it's hard to hear. Secondly, I stand for Traditional Hoodoo no matter how modern we get in today's society. Most importantly, I stand for your magical success in the Spiritual world.

I was raised in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains of Eastern Kentucky, in the Methodist faith. Inside those beautiful mountains, surrounded by trees and nature, is when I began to realize that it was different than the rest of the world. My community was very close knit with traditions passed down again to each generation. Herbal and Spiritual medicine is still practiced today as in the 17th century. Years ago, I was ill and was looking for more than what the doctors could offer me. I stumbled upon Lucky Mojo’s website and found that herbs and certain oil combinations, along with the power of the Holy Spirit, could also heal me. I was immediately transported back to my mountain roots and longed to practice Herbal and Spiritual medicine. To my amazement after doing rootwork, I received the news that my illness was a misdiagnosis. Since then, I have unwavering faith in the power of Spirit and prayer.

My talent for rootwork and compassionate nature has propelled me to the path of seer , rootworker, and Spiritual consultant. I use the Tarot to connect with Spirit. My God given gift of clairvoyance allows me to use this tool to channel knowledge. By using these methods, I can pinpoint the client’s needs, wants, and outcomes.

Custom mojo bag for love drawing appealing to The Holy Trinity for blessings
Custom mojo bag for love drawing appealing to The Holy Trinity for blessings
Black female figure candle used for crossing and break up spells
Black female figure candle used for crossing and break up spells
Custom made spiritual supplies for your individual needs
Custom made spiritual supplies for your individual needs
Love healing bath used to heal past wounds for reconciliation work
Love healing bath used to heal past wounds for reconciliation work
Pendulum board]] used in divination to aid in contacting spirit guides
Pendulum board]] used in divination to aid in contacting spirit guides

I am specialized in many different areas of Rootwork. Love, Uncrossing, Money, Job hunting, Success, Healing, whatever it takes to achieve your desired outcome. I enjoy using oil lamps, working with herbs and curios , making specialized mojo bags and doll babies, candle settings, blending special oils to fit the client's needs. In my practice, all figural candles are made by hand with your intent in mind. So, the candle(s) is made especially for you, like all of my work I use 100% of my heart and energy and years of experience.

I studied under Reverend Catherine Yronwode of Lucky Mojo, gaining knowledge and honing my techniques, combining Southern and Appalachian rootwork. I graduated from the Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Correspondence class in February 2010. I have been practicing rootwork professionally for the past 7 years. I have presented spell techniques on money magic at the annual Hoodoo Heritage Festival Workshops. I also graduated from the University of Kentucky with an Associate's Degree in Science and an Associate's Degree in Dental Hygiene. Dentistry has led me to learn great compassion for ones fear, allowing comfort to be a top priority.

I believe that nature and God can take care of absolutely everything when doing spiritual work. I am sure it is why I have been so drawn to herbs and their spirits.

You can find out more about me at my Mason Jar Magick website.

Contact Information

Ms. Melanie
Nashville, TN

I do not keep set business hours.

Please note that I am located in the Central Time Zone in Tennessee. I appreciate your taking any time differences into consideration when you contact me.

In the afternoon and evening I am often available for instant readings through Hoodoo Psychics.

How to Pay for and Schedule an Appointment with Me

Please click on the link below and schedule your reading through my online scheduler ( You'll be able to select your own appointment time and pay in advance for your reading. At the time of your appointment, I will call you at your phone number.

Book a psychic reading, spiritual counseling, conjure consultation, or hoodoo rootwork services with Ms. Melanie



  • One question email: $20.00
  • Two question email: $35.00
  • Three question email: $50.00
  • Yes/No question: $10.00


  • Setting of lights: $17.00
  • Mojo bags, doll babies and bottle spells: $40.00 - $80.00
  • Hands-on cleansing (depends on travel): $100.00
  • Other forms of rootwork: from $200.00

I accept cash, money orders, and Paypal as forms of payment.

Divination, Readings, and Spiritual Advice

Hoodoo, Conjure, and Spiritual Rootwork

Client Conditions and Situation Specialties



"Having no knowledge of hoodoo or rootwork, I was introduced to Miss Melanie during a stressful job change. Having a Catholic background, I was nervous about such things, but Miss Melanie was so kind and friendly and explained everything clearly. She made me feel so comfortable and taken care of, giving me many options in all price ranges. Her work was accurate and led me to the correct place, I LOVE my job and got a 30% pay raise. I will never use anyone else" – N.J., Philadelphia

"Ms. Melanie is certainly gifted because she is able to know things of which she could not possibly have known, when she was given no earlier information whatsoever. She ask and was guided by her Spirit. I would say that she is 95% to 100% accurate. For example she was able to "see" that my own spirit guardian was not human, and was able to describe my guardian's form and appearance, being able to sense its presence and know its name. I was very impressed." – Vanessa

"For a long time now, Miss Melanie has been a trusted and talented root worker for me and my family. She is always available and very kind, loving, and understanding, no matter the issue. I have cried and laughed with her over all of life's matters; it's like talking to a long lost girlfriend. Apart from being sweet and caring, her root work is incomparable. Miss Melanie has set lights for me, done cleansings, made custom products, and given readings. Her work is amazing. Everything has been spot- on and FAST! She is very flexible with scheduling and is consistent with communication and feedback. I will never be without her love and success work........" – C.F., Philadelphia

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