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There are times when we need a deeper level of insight into our life situations. There are also times when we desire to manifest new situations and upgraded experiences in our lives.

Through the agency of empowering forces that are just beyond the doorway of the physical world, these unique kinds of insights and manifestations are possible and I intend on offering you a window to those very insights and powerful keys to access those very forces.

My name is Kast Excelsior and, as a rootworker and bone reader, I'm focused on enlightening your mind and empowering your path. A connection to The Ancestors is fundamental to all of my readings, whether through bone casting/"throwing the bones", pendulum, or the hexagrams of the I Ching. After a spiritual consultation and reading, we can then explore the possibility of what kind of rootwork will be the best course of action to manifest your desires to the fullest extent possible.

I had always felt most at home with mystical or non-ordinary phenomena in my early youth and felt invigorated as visionary and other-worldly experiences started to unfold in my early childhood. When I became of age and old enough for serious study, I directed my attention to magic and occultism. It wouldn't be until several years later that I would find more details about other family members from previous generations also having such a connection with the spiritual and mental realms (even my paternal grandfather from Arkansas who was apparently successful in some conjure work himself).

As I continued into non-religious forms of witchcraft & sorcery, shamanic practices, and ceremonial magic my path eventually led me to membership and training within certain magical societies and hermetic occult orders.

Altar Work to Empower a Baby Blessings Mojo Bag.
Altar Work to Empower a Baby Blessings Mojo Bag.
Bone Reading ("Throwing The Bones") for a spiritual consultation.
Bone Reading ("Throwing The Bones") for a spiritual consultation.
Fiery Pentagon of Protection Spell to put powerful shield around a client.
Fiery Pentagon of Protection Spell to put powerful shield around a client.
Prosperity Altar to bring forth the expansion of Wealth.
Prosperity Altar to bring forth the expansion of Wealth.
A successful property investment spell.
A successful property investment spell.
Saint Cyprian Altar to commune with a powerful Saint of Occult Mastery.
Saint Cyprian Altar to commune with a powerful Saint of Occult Mastery.

Parallel to my spiritual and magical activities, my being personally involved in the music and entertainment industry allows me to always keep a special place in my heart (and a unique perspective) for clients in the creative/artistic or performance fields. I am the producer of the music and graphic art CD Hoodoo Jukebox and Conjure Toolbox and I have presented a workshop on contemporary digital techniques of spell-casting at the annual Hoodoo Heritage Festival Workshops. However, regardless of the vocational connections of my clients, the predominant themes in my work are Empowerment and Enlightenment. Whether it's insights gained through a bone reading; circumstantial leverages gained through candle spells or altar work; or self-development and personality enhancement through a spiritual alliance with a mojo bag, my work is based on expanding the scope of both power and perspective for my clients.

As a practitioner of the occult sciences for over 15 years, I offer spiritual readings, altar work, mojo hands, custom spell casting, and magical coaching sessions for your own personalized spell work.

My specialties include:

(I do not perform relationship break-up spells, being that the emotional pattern of such an intent is usually based in a disempowering perspective of over-attachment and lack of self-worth).

You can discover more about me at my Conjure Haus website.

Contact Information

Kast Excelsior
Los Angeles, California

Hours: I do not keep set business hours.

How to Pay for and Schedule an Appointment with Me

You may book my services as a reader online using Paypal as a payment method:

Book a psychic reading, spiritual counselling, conjure consultation, or hoodoo rootwork services with Kast Excelsior


Readings and Spiritual Consultation

  • 45 minute pre-scheduled reading, consultation or magical coaching: $75.00
  • Pre-scheduled email reading, consultation or magical coaching (1-3 questions): $25.00

Rootwork and Conjure

  • Setting of Lights, Including ceromantic candle report: $25.00
  • Mojo Bags: starting at $33.00; contact and inquire for a detailed quote
  • Custom Spell-Work: prices will vary; contact and inquire for a detailed quote

Divination, Readings, and Spiritual Advice

Hoodoo, Conjure, Rootwork, and Spell-Casting

Client Condition and Situation Specialties

I will not do Relationship Break-Up Spells, Court Case or Legal Spells, or Death or Execution Spells for clients, but I will give magical coaching for those spells.

Religious and Cultural Traditions

Outreach and Public Service



"This was my first experience with a Bone Casting Reading. The information presented by the casting of the bones and trinkets was very insightful. The Bone Master explained what each of the pieces represented and what the meaning was of the position they fell on the mat. It was very much in line with the direction I was thinking to take my life, and consider the reading confirmation of my path moving forward. Also brought up were some things I need to address personally to make the movement forward in life smooth and mindful. I knew these things about myself, but it was really interesting that it was seen in the casting." -H. F., Pasadena, CA

"Bone casting reading is something I never heard of before so out of curiosity I gave BoneMaster a chance, and I was very surprised with how accurate he was. Strangest thing is that I felt such a flow of energy going through my body while he was doing though my body while he was doing this reading it was amazing. It was definitely some good energy exchange through the reading and I will take to heart everything he said. Please give him a chance because I don't think you would be disappointed." I.S., Grand Rapids, MI

"That was the single most informative reading I have ever had. I will be back for sure." S.B., Washington, D.C.

"My reading with him was fantastic. Very insightful and motivational. I definitely think we connected quite well before our reading and I know that helped. Highly recommend!" B.B., GA

"What I love most about my readings with Bone Master is: (1) He's as real as it gets (2) His reading is unusual, interesting and quite honestly, you can see how is interpreting the bones - and how it relates. Even characteristics of persons involved, situation - all seen in the bones…(3) He is just positive energy radiating. I enjoy every reading with Bone Master. Thank you!!!" L.L., Philippines

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